RockyMounts Locking DriveShaft [Rider Review]

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There are so many new ways of transporting bikes. Rocky Mounts offers the Locking Driveshaft to not only add security to your bike, but to also allow a more creative way to transport your bike(s) whether its a truck, van, or what have you. Our friend just tried them out. See what they think!Rocky Mount Locking DriveShaft


I recently purchased four of the Rocky Mount locking Driveshaft thru-axle bike mounts for the purpose of towing bikes inside of our camper van we are currently outfitting. I spent a long time researching bike mounts that would work well with a slide-out drawer we built custom for our van. We needed a mount that would screw into the drawer, and allow for packing the bikes in close to one another. We also needed a bike mount that would fit both 15mm thru-axles and 20 mm thru-axles. The greatest limitation of all of these mounts is they typically fail to have a conversion for 20 mm thru-axles (rare but on most dual crown downhill bikes). It was even surprisingly difficult to find 15 mm with boost spacing (the new norm on all newer mountain bikes). Although the Rocky Mounts are more expensive than the competition, they have all of the features you need, and then some. They also have a much more secure fitting with the clamp-style closure. Most others just have a tube that slides on sideways over the thru-axle. These are often loose-fitting and allow the bike to move around. Also, if you are trying to put these in tight spaces, it can be challenging to slide these in and out, whereas the top mount insertion works with ease.

Rocky Mount Locking DriveShaft

These mounts have fit our needs perfectly. We are able to secure our mountain bikes as well as downhill bikes. They come standard as a 20mm thru-axle fitting, and the 15mm adapter is a plastic insert with 2 pieces. These seem pretty well-made, but could easily be misplaced when not in use. Fortunately, they will usually be in place given a 15mm boost is the most common thru-axle size. I actually prefer the plastic insert to the metal as I feel it does hold the thru-axle tightly in place and likely leads to fewer scratches.

The entire mount is solidly made, and the clamp is secure; the bikes do not move within them, preventing possible scratches to the thru-axle.

These come with a lock as well. They are low-profile and narrow so we can fit each bike closely side by side.

Final Thoughts

I am very happy with this purchase. I am glad I did not skimp with a cheaper product. These are high quality and come with functions I could not find on any other thru-axle bike mount. They also have the ability to be locked securely. I have recommended these to my friends for the same purpose. They would also work well for any truck bed bike rack-mount as well, especially with the lock function. They are well-built and I suspect will last a lifetime. I highly recommend it.

 Rocky Mount Locking DriveShaft

November 29, 2021

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