Wild Rides, Our Thoughts on AXS, Tire Pressure Puzzling, Listener Questions & More...MTB Podcast 87 [Podcast]


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The boys are back in town with another episode of the MTB Podcast! This time around we discuss Liam's recent races as well as his time at Sea Otter, Jared's preparations for his first and possibly only triathlon, and Jeff's never-ending wacky and wild adventures. As usual, we also cover some seriously top tier listener questions ranging from ideal MTB tire pressures and our thoughts on AXS to whether we should be using grease or jelly for bike maintenance. Lets get into it!

MTB Podcast

00:00 Intro

01:37 Liam's Recent Races & Sea Otter 2021

13:42 Jared's Tri and Bike Updates + Shop Ride Challenge Results

19:07 Jeff's Continued Out Of Control Travels

25:34 Listener Questions


November 09, 2021

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