MRP XCg V2 Bash Guard: Rider Review

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If you like to ride rocky and rough trails, chances are that you will be smashing your bike along the way. One way to prevent excess damage to the bottom of your bike is a bash guard. MRP has been known to make some of the best and today our customer Michael is here with his thoughts on the MRP XCg V2 bash guard. Read on for more!

MRP XCg V2 bash guard review


Few things proudly proclaim to other riders you are ready to put in some crazy runs better than the amount of safety gear you wear. Of course, this could also mark you as a "noob" or a "poser", so maybe it's just a roll of the dice regarding what people think of you. Regardless of what people think of the safety gear you wear, the safety gear you put on your bike clearly, unquestionably, undeniably says "I love my ride, and I wanna keep 'er purty." Some of these safety bits also increase the likelihood your steed will remain ride-able after a good smack on a rock or log. Bonus benefits! In my effort to keep my ride purty (and ride-able), I smartly invested in a bash guard so my drivetrain will continue to function when I lazily roll a drop and would otherwise knock out a rock or wood sample with my chain. Price, appearance, and performance guided my choice to the MRP XCg V2 Bash Guard 32T ISCG-05.

Why Did I Pick MRP?

Obviously, the first consideration in the purchase of a bash guard is fit. I found it to be a very strange coincidence that MRP just happened to produce a bash guard that is the EXACT size I needed for my 32T chainring. It was like they knew how big my chainring was and said "Let's make this for Mike." So, thanks MRP folks. The size is perfect...not 30T too small, or 34T too's juuuuuust right. On top of that, my bicycle happens to have ISCG-05 fittings, which is exactly what this thing is built for!! Man, my luck was just amazing. It is super helpful they etched the specifics of every bit of the item name on the drive side of the product too. It states "MRP", "XCg", "32T", and "ISCG-05", albeit on separate lines and in different areas, but all the relevant data is there for you to read to your friends when they ask about it.

MRP XCg V2 bash guard review

Another factor that drew me to purchase this model was the ability to replace the bash/skid plate in the future. The current pricing for a replacement plate is about 1/3 the price of the full bash guard. So by my math, you can have like...a lot of crashes for cheap. The V2 version adds the third bolt-on top as a mounting point, where the standard XCg only uses the bottom two. I would assume from this change that somewhere someone hit something so hard it dislodged the two-bolt version. Using math again, 3 mounts are more, and thus better, than 2. Boom, you just got mathed.

 MRP XCg V2 Bash Guard

Why No Chain Guide?

I didn't feel my riding style and requirements necessitated any chain retention since I have a narrow-wide drivetrain and I kinda ride like a wussy anyways. Accordingly, this bash guard does not have a chain guide which is perfect for me. However, if you need that level of protection because you are getting sick airs, MRP offers variations of this bash guard with chain retention capabilities for just a pittance more. They also offer a stand-alone chain guide if retention is all you are concerned with. It's not nearly as cool-looking as the bash guard, but I'm sure it works great.


Installation involves one hex tool, three bolts, and three washers. If I have to explain this to you, take your bike to the nearest FLBS and save yourself the hassle of having to go buy the tool you probably don't even own.

MRP XCg v2 bash guard review

Final Thoughts

Who is this product for? Those with nice bikes, or those who want to keep their bike ride-able, or both types combined in varying degrees. I think that sums up pretty much everyone who would possibly read this review. This begs the question then...why don't you have an MRP XCg V2 32T ISCG-05 Bash Guard (rolls right off the tongue, don't it?) on your bike yet? WWC folks are standing by to!!!!

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June 02, 2020

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