OneUp Components EDC Pump, 100cc - Black: Rider Review

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Nobody likes getting stuck out on the trail, especially when the solution to fixing flat tires is so easy. OneUp Components has recently come out with a few tools and pumps to help you not only fix your bike but also to carry these on your bike. The OneUp Components EDC Pump, 100cc is not only a hand pump but also will carry the OneUp EDC Tool system inside of the pump! There are two sizes to the EDC Pump a 100cc and a 70cc, here Michael takes us through his time using the PneUp EDC pump and how it works.

Michael's Review:

My search for a new pump began a couple of weeks ago while a few friends and I were out on a night ride where the temperature hovered around 25 degrees. I am usually pretty lucky and do a lot of preventative maintenance to keep flats to a minimum. I check the level of sealant in each of my bike tires at least every other month, except in the summer where I check once a month.

We were headed back when I heard the dreaded hiss from the rear tire as it sprayed sealant everywhere. After the sealant did its job and stopped the leak I busted out my pump and proceeded to inflate the tire. When I went to remove the threaded chuck from the valve it unscrewed the valve with it and let all my hard work out. I tightened the valve and decided to use a co2 cartridge (this pump uses the hose as a co2 adapter also). And yes while trying to carefully remove the chuck it unscrewed the valve again. I was pissed and decided it was time for a new pump. I did some research and decided on the OneUp pump as it looked like it could move a lot of air quickly and the chuck does not screw on.

OneUp Components EDC pump, 100cc
When I got the pump I was very surprised by the size. It is easily twice the size of my current pump, but it wasn’t really any heavier. Well, not any heavier until I decided to take advantage of the internal storage space and dropped 2 co2 cartridges into the body. This made the pump significantly heavier and while I know that I was just transferring the weight from my Camelback to the pump and that I am not really carrying any extra it still made the pump feel overweight. I took out the co2 cartridges and put in some zip ties bacon strips and a couple of quick links, ahhh much better. You can also put in the OneUp EDC tool inside the pump and have all your multi-tools, tire lever and chain breaker as well. 

The pump latches on to the valve very well and hangs on better than I would have thought. When it attaches it has a very significant pop that lets you know it has attached securely. The chuck is removable and becomes a no-nonsense co2 adapter. I have yet to try out the co2 adapter but it seems like it would work as intended.

OneUp Components EDC pump, 100cc
I plan on getting the 70cc to see how much smaller it is compared to the 100cc. My guess is that it will be shorter but the same size in diameter. This is not the pump you want to mount to the side of your sleek lightweight road bike. It looks pretty massive on my Trance. I was also planning on getting a few extra mounts so I can transfer it from bike to bike but they seem to be priced a lot higher than they should be for a simple pump mount, I think I will just stick to loading it into my pack.

Final Thoughts

So far I am very happy with the pump and would buy it again. The way the OneUp Components EDC Pump is able to easily pump my tires up on the trail, as well as the internal storage of the pump itself, makes it a very handy tool that I now carry with me for every ride. I have also talked a bunch of my friends into getting the OneUp pump after they saw me use it and pull out my bacon strips when I got a small hole in my tire. 

OneUp Components EDC Pump

June 03, 2020

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