Maxxis High Roller II Downhill Tire Review

Here we go with another tire review! In this review, we are going to riding the Maxxis High Roller II downhill tire. The tire is the only component of the bike that makes contact with the ground and for that reason is a very important piece to the puzzle in feeling confident riding. Feeling confident while riding means you get to have more fun! A good set of tires will give you traction in places you otherwise wouldn't, allows you to corner with more authority, and slow down with more control. 

It is important to note that the tire tested here is a downhill specific tire. The demands of a tire while riding at the highest speeds and over the most rugged and raw terrain are high. Maxxis downhill tires have proven to be one of the most puncture resistant and well rounded packages on the market. In this review, we are going to be focusing more on the tread pattern specifically, along with the size and shape of tire.  

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Maxxis High Roller II Tire Reivew - Worldwide Cyclery

Tire Specifications

Remember Maxxis offers the High Roller II tread pattern in a variety of sizes, with everything from 26", 27.5", 29", plus sized options, dual compounds, 3C compounds, EXO protection, Double Down casings, and more.

Maxxis High Roller II Tire Review - Worldwide Cyclery

Maxxis High Roller II Tire Review - Worldwide Cyclery

Riding and Performance


  • The classic High Roller tread design starts with the center knobs. The ramped center knobs keep the High Roller II rolling fast! Having a ramped front edge on the center knobs gives the tire less rolling resistance. On the back edge of the center knobs, there is still a good square edge for braking performance. Riding with a faster rolling tire is an easy way to gain precious seconds on the race track or check out in front of your friends on the trail
  • My favorite feature on the High Roller II is the knob spacing between the center knobs and the cornering knobs. Having more space between the each of the tire lugs lets the mud clear off the tire and in this case gives the High Roller II a distinct channel between the cornering knobs and center knobs. This channel allows the High Roller II to dig in on both hard back and loose conditions. 
  • The cornering knobs on the High Roller II do exceptionally well on loose terrain. For a while, these were my go to tire and can handle it all. With the cornering knobs lower down the sidewall of the tire, the High Roller II hooks itself around the turns. If you lean the tire over just a touch more, you will be drifting effortlessly. The High Roller II makes for an Maxxis High Roller II Tire Review - Worldwide Cycleryexciting ride and is always fun to ride!


A Fresh Set Of High Roller II Tires Mounted And Ready To Rip 


  • Because the cornering knobs are lower down the sidewall, they take a bit more abuse then some of the other Maxxis downhill tires. I thought the High Roller II tires performed great when they were fresh but wore out faster than I would have hoped. The 3C MaxxGrip rubber compound runs great for getting the most traction possible, but does break down faster then some of the harder compounds available.  
  • For a trail bike setup, the High Roller II with the 3C MaxxTerra rubber compound gives you longer life in your tires with still plenty of grip.

Maxxis High Roller II Tire Review - Worldwide Cyclery

What's The Bottom Line?

The Maxxis High Roller II is a fun tire! The open tread pattern sheds mud fairly well and means the cornering knobs have some serious hook to them. Lay the High Roller II over and the cornering knobs put you on rails through the turn. When you push the tire just a bit harder, you will find yourself two wheel drifting effortlessly. The High Roller II is designed for the rider looking to slash every corner with a grin on your face. Be careful because those cornering knobs wear out quick!

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About Me

Max Morgan is 25 years old, and lives in Brevard, North Carolina. Max grew up in Atlanta, Georgia and started racing downhill at the age of 15. He has now been racing professionally for the last 7 years, competing in the U.S. Pro GRT series and UCI World Cup series. Check out Max's rider spotlight here! 
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September 25, 2017

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