Customer Review: Park Tool HHP-2 Bearing Cup Press

Park Tools Bearing Press

Park Tool HHP-2 Bearing Cup Press

Park Tool’s HHP-2 Bearing Cup Press is designed to install press fit headset cups and races into 1”, 1-1/8”, 1-1/4”, and 1.5” diameter bicycle frame head tubes. The tool has a quick release connect/disconnect that facilitates rapid addition of, or removal of stepped bushings. The bushings, 530-2, are designed to aid in aligning both 1” and 1-1/8” press fit headsets. These bushings are graduated, with diameters of 25.7mm, 29.7mm, and 32.8mm. In addition, the HHP-2 handles measure 12-1/2” or 317.5mm wide, handle end to handle end, and the tool’s overall length is 16-1/2” or 419.1mm. Its maximum working capacity, length or width, is 12.4” or 315mm. It can be disassembled to aid in tool box storage. It weighs in at a hefty 5.53 pounds.

Park extended this tool’s versatility by designing it for the installation of bearing cups and cartridge bottom bracket bearings into one-piece bottom bracket shells. The tool can also be used to hold fixed cup wrenches in place while installing/removing drive side cups from threaded, adjustable bottom brackets.

Park Tool Cup Press

The tool consists of the following components:

  • Handle Weldment: Part where nylon handles are attached, which enables sufficient torque application to the bearing or cups when press fitting occurs. Also secures Movable Top Plate.
  • Handle knobs: extend handle length for increased comfort and torque
  • Movable Top Plate: closest to handle weldment, that’s used alone for pressing over-sized headset or bottom bracket components
  • 2-Cup Guides: aid in alignment, centering, of the races or cups
  • Sliding Press Plate Assembly: facilitates easy addition or removal of cup guides’ plate, or wrenches
  • Hex Shaft: allows for alignment of plates and cup guides into a rigid, yet adjustable system

Park Tools Bearing Press

Installing a headset, tips and tricks:

  • Very Important: Measure the inside diameter (ID) of your head tube or bottom bracket shell as well as the outside (OD) of your bearing races and cups prior to installation. Very small differences of no more than 0.2mm are preferred because if there were no differences between ID and OD, the cups and bearing races would not be held securely within the head tube or bottom bracket shell. For differences between 0.0-0.1mm, Park recommends using an agent like Loctite to insure a trouble and squeak-free fit.
  • If dealing with steel, aluminum, or titanium frames, you may have to ream and face the insides and outer surfaces of the headtube and/or bottom bracket. This requires expensive tools and is best left for a skilled bicycle mechanic.
  • Check to ascertain that the inner surfaces are smooth and free of burs. Carbon fiber frames should be smooth and openings must be concentric. Clean the insides with a rag.
  • Apply a suitable, high quality waterproof grease, or anti-seize compound. Be sure it’s compatible with metal or carbon fiber tubes/components. Park, Campagnolo, Shimano, White Lightening, etc. make suitable lubricating agents. Apply a thin, uniform amount to the inner head tube, top and bottom, and/or to the inner lip of the bottom bracket shell on both sides.
  • Apply a thin layer of grease to the lip of the headset cup or bottom bracket bearing races/cups
  • Assemble the Park HHP-2 Press, leaving the Sliding Press Plate Assembly off. In addition, I generally do not use the graduated cup guides as there is a possibility of jamming them against the bearing assembly in your headset. If you decide on using these cup guides, it’s imperative that the cup doesn’t press against the bearing race. It should only contact the outer portion of the headset cup or bottom bracket insert.
  • I press one end of the headset at a time, usually starting with the upper cup, but first I cut a shape from heavy paper or cardboard, several pieces thick, that will cover the entire Movable Top Plate and the Sliding Press Plate Assembly. Then I cut holes in the center, large enough to allow easy passage of the tool’s Hex Shaft. This prevents scratching the headset or bottom bracket as the two plates have coarsely finished surfaces, unlike the graduated cups that are polished smoothly. They rotate slightly when being pressed, and will scratch your beautiful components unless you take this simple precaution.
  • Now attach the Top Plate, then your upper headset cup or bottom bracket race/cup, thread thru the head tube or bottom bracket, attach the Sliding Press Plate, locking it into one of the indents on the Hex Shaft. When this is snug, slowly turn the HHP-2’s handle, while you watch for proper alignment of the headset cup or bottom bracket cup or race. You don’t want to press fit components on an angle. Take your time and press them in nice and straight. Snug the part until there is no gap between the installed part and your frame. Wipe excess grease from your frame, then repeat for the lower headset cups or opposite end of your bottom bracket, only this time, be sure to have the paper or cardboard protective layers on both ends or the two plates. This will ensure a scratch-free installation. DO NOT OVER-TIGHTEN THE PRESS. SNUG FIT ONLY.

Park Tools Bearing Press

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Park Tool Bearing Press

September 23, 2017

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