Customer Review: Fox SLS (Super Light Steel) Spring

In this customer review, Marshall McKinney talks about his new Fox SLS spring. These orange springs are claimed to be lighter than titanium for the equivalent weight at a price that is much easier on your back pocket. The SLS springs utilize a smaller wire diameter and fewer coils creating a lighter spring. Here we go!

Fox SLS SPring

I decided on the Fox SLS to replace the factory Fox steel spring that I was running on my DHX RC4. I came close to going with titanium but glad I didn't. The cost for weight savings on titanium was a lot more compared to this light weight steel. The difference between my factory fox steel spring and this spring was 300 grams!!! Which is the same as 3 sticks of butter or a 16oz can of....beverage. So now I can carry some butter or beverage with me and not worry about weighing down the bike on those off camber kickers.

So now my biggest worry now is getting caught in trees from the huge air I'll get. I also had to tie my bike down as well so it doesn't float away which some could call a downside.

But, the spring does seem to ride like the factory spring as far as spring curve and feel so I can cross any odd bike handling worries off the list.

I was able to draw a quick sketch of the factory 450lb spring and the SLS 450lb spring on a scale (apologizes for the poor quality but I'm still getting the hang of drawing with my left hand).

Fox SLS Coil Rear Shock Spring

September 26, 2017

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