Maxxis Dissector Tire 27.5 x 2.4: Rider Review

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There are few things on an average mountain bike that can give you buying paralysis like tires. The sheer amount of choices can make a decision difficult. One of our valued customers breaks down why they picked the Maxxis Dissector 27.5 x 2.4 tire. Check it out!   

Maxxis Dissector Tire 27.5 x 2.4 Rider Review

Why Dissector?

Personally, I was never one for semi-slick tires. Although I like the idea of having a fast-rolling tire that doesn't compromise on cornering grip, I still value those center knobs for braking and climbing, especially in the techy terrain I tend to love. So when the Dissector tire came out and promised fast rolling speeds and lightweight in combination with grip, I just had to get one for my back tire. To be fair, I certainly didn't expect it to have all the grip of a Minion or Assegai, but certainly more than a semi-slick. It's now been nearly 9 months and over 600 miles since then and I feel like I've got a pretty good grip on what these tires are like.

Maxxis Dissector Tire 27.5 x 2.4 Rider Review
First Impressions

For comparison, before buying the Maxxis Dissector Tire 27.5 x 2.4 I was running the classic setup of a Minion DHF in the front with the DHR II in the back. So I swapped out the DHR II for the Dissector and hit the trails. Initially, I couldn't tell much of a difference between the two just on normal trail rides. I can't say I immediately noticed the lighter weight or even any difference in speed. It wasn't until I started hitting flow trails with dirt jumps that I finally started seeing the benefits of the Dissector. This is where the reduced rolling resistance became noticeable. I felt like I could hit jumps faster and clear gaps easier. Put these babies on some smooth terrain and they would fly! It was looking like the Dissector was the ideal tire for someone who liked to get some air while still having a trail-worthy tire. I was loving it!

Maxxis Dissector Tire 27.5 x 2.4 Rider Review
Down the Road...

As I continued riding the Dissector on various types of terrain, I became more and more familiar with it, and I wasn't always happy with what I found. I started noticing a lack of grip on technical climbs. The Dissector seemed more prone to spinning out on roots and rocks. And while braking on steep descents, it was not uncommon for my back tire to break free and slide out. Sometimes that can be fun, other times it just makes descending really sketchy. This eventually became a big problem for me. Personally, some of my favorite trails to ride are technical, sketchy hills. I started losing confidence in the Maxxis Dissector because I just couldn't depend on the grip being there. Of course, over many miles, as the rubber started to wear down, this problem just became worse and worse to the point where I just couldn't ride hills as fast as I wanted because I couldn't slow down for the turns.

Maxxis Dissector Tire 27.5 x 2.4 Rider Review

Final Thoughts

As I said, this tire has about 9 months and 600 miles on it at this point. I bought the 3C MaxxTerra compound and it's just about dead. The speed is still there but the grip has long gone out the door and I'm left with needing another rear tire. So would I buy these again? While I was loving them at first, I have to say they just don't fit my style of riding. Speed is fun, but I depend on having a reliable grip for those steep, techy hillsides. If you're the type of rider who loves riding flow trails, dirt jumps, and park with light tech, then these may be a great choice for you. Personally, I think I'm going to stick to the heavier tried and true Minions.

Maxxis Dissector Tire 27.5 x 2.4 Rider Review

October 05, 2020

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