RockShox Lyrik Lowers: Rider Review

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Enduro forks are becoming more and more common and with RockShox releasing a bright red factory lower, you bet people instantly ate it up. Most people want to look factory and the easiest way to do that is to run what the pros run. Our friend Jeaffrey recently ungraded his Lyrik with some sweet red lowers. Let's see what he thought of the upgrade:

Jeaffrey's Review

I purchased the RockShox Lower Leg Lyrik B1-C1/Yari A1-B1, 27.5” 15 x 110mm Boost Spacing in Red in May 2020. I thought that the product still arrived in a timely manner, despite the shipping period being in the middle of a global pandemic. That’s quite the dedication to customer service for me to say that I got my bike part sooner than we got N95s in the clinic that I work in.

RockShox Lyrik Red Lowers Review

I thought that installation was intuitive and that the parts were easily assembled. I was initially worried with the lack of instruction but a quick YouTube video was all I needed to set that sucker in place. I appreciated the use of common bolt screws so I did not need to go out of my way and buy additional tools. All the tools that were required were conveniently accessible, so I already had them in my toolbox and in my excitement, I was able to attach the RockShox onto my bike on the same day I received it. I was ecstatic. I had previously bought Fox products and they tended to use single purpose bolts, so it was more difficult and more expensive to install because I had to buy extra tools since they did not provide any. Just on the choice of manufacturing products, RockShox ended up being cheaper to maintain and easier to service.

RockShox Lyrik Red Lowers Review

The RockShox fit like a glove onto my bike and the color matched the rest of my bike perfectly. I could not have planned it better. The original part did not have the torque thru axle compatibility, whereas I was able to adjust the tightness of the RockShox to my preferred level and I felt it had a better seal. The RockShox felt sturdy but it was lightweight. When I took my bike out for a trial trail/enduro/downhill ride, I could already feel the slight improvement in air drag. Even though it felt light, I still felt secure with how it felt while I was racing through the bumpy trails. The color of the RockShox is also a vibrant red that stands a mile out. Its a red that screams out sleekness and speed. Even though the part doesn't actually have much of a structural purpose, I still enjoy the improvement it gives to the overall appearance of my bike. The redness of this is the first thing that my friends see when I come racing at them.


"I would definitely recommend the RockShox to my fellow avid bike riders. Two of my friends also bought the same RockShox after seeing how it looked on my bike. As the unofficial mechanic for 3 years, I can happily attest to the quality of this product. Two thumbs up!" - Jeaffrey

RockShox Lyrik Lowers at Worldwide Cyclery

October 04, 2020

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