Maxxis Aggressor Tire 27.5 x 2.5 WT Dual Compound EXO Tubeless Ready: Rider Review

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The ever-popular upgrade for your mountain bike is the tires. They are not only an inexpensive upgrade but relatively painless to replace but will have a large impact on how your bike will feel. Our friend Peter shares his thoughts on the Maxxis Aggressor Wide Trail EXO tire. Check it out! 

 Maxxis Aggressor 27.5 x 2.5 WT EXO TR Tire Rider Review


Before I picked up the Maxxis Aggressor, I had been riding a Maxxis DHR II on my bike. I love the DHR, but for general trail riding, it can be a touch heavy. Enter my search for a faster rolling, yet still grippy and capable, rear tire. I came across several suggestions for the Aggressor and decided to give it a try.

Maxxis Aggressor 27.5 x 2.5 WT EXO TR Tire Rider Review

I purchased the 2.5 WT option in dual compound EXO/TR casing. Comparing it to the DHR side by side in the hand the weight isn't that different, but that's not why it's faster rolling. It's the tread design. People said the Aggressor is like a more trail-oriented Ikon, and I'd agree with that assessment. I don't believe I've given up any significant traction on XC/Trail type riding. Braking speed is similar, climbing grip is similar, but I feel like my rear wheel is less of a boat anchor. Through the turns, the Aggressor does break free a touch easier than a DHR II on the loose stuff. In packed flow, it still sticks. I guess that's why the DHR II is "slower" in feel. It sticks hard. However, I don't always need that grip, which is why I wanted to try the Aggressor.

Maxxis Aggressor 27.5 x 2.5 WT EXO TR Tire Rider Review
Final Thoughts:

"If I had to make a true comparison between the DHR II vs the Aggressor tires, I'd say the DHR II is the tire you want for steep, techy terrain. The braking and side knobs on the DHR II are stickier than the Aggressor. For straight speed, while still having traction in turns, the Aggressor wins on the lower rolling resistance. However, in the wet, the DHR II is better overall. Different tools for different jobs. I still like the DHR II, but I'm happy with the Aggressor for the local XC type trails I've been hitting in the conditions I primarily ride." - Peter

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December 21, 2019

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