KMC X11SL 11-Speed Ti Nitride Gold Chain: Rider Review

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The chain on an average bike might be one of the least thought about components. It's ironic since it takes a tone of abuse and needs to be replaced frequently. Our friend Chris shares his experience with the KMC X11SL 11-Speed Nitride Gold Chain. Check it out!

KMC X11SL 11-Speed Ti Nitride Gold Chain Rider Review


KMC does nothing but chains an not the change in your pocket. My first KMC chain was on my 1979 Schwinn Scrambler with black mag wheels. I have been building bikes ever since that Scrambler turned into a total rebuild with an MCS Magnum frame. Fast forward to Chico California 1990 Bidwell park. My Trek 880 Antelope, more like a mule breaks a chain in the middle of high boulders the size of car tires. I had the cool tool with me and was able to fix the chain. Once I got back to town the local bike shop had KMC chains for 20-speed bikes.

KMC X11SL 11-Speed Ti Nitride Gold Chain Rider Review

I rode that chain for 2 years at Chico State until I graduated in 1992. My sister had just finished a trek across the US on her bike and was looking for another trip. I was like, let's ride the PCH from Oregon to San Diego. She was in. My Trek Antelope lost its mountain bike tires, headset, bars, and neck. Swopped all out to road gear: slick tires, raised headset, bar ends a padded gel seat to ride the hills of the road. That KMC chain took me and my bike all the way to San Diego from Florence Oregon in the summer of '92. I could not ask for a better drive train.

KMC X11SL 11-Speed Ti Nitride Gold Chain Rider ReviewFinal Thoughts:

In 2000 I got my kids into BMX racing. We have 4 tracks in Connecticut and they rode every day with KMC single speed chains. They are a beast and you cannot ask for a better chain. They like little oil an don’t mind mud, rain or pure grindin for speed. Today I ride downhill with a Specialized enduro comp. My first purchase was a KMC chain. One for me and one for my 13yr old thrasher. The hollow out chain set is so strong an with the KMC design link face shifting with the SRAM set-up is so so smooth. Like a hot knife cutting through butter. These chains are the best in the bicycle industry. They cost more than the change in your pocket but will take you on any journey you have your sights set on. I’m a bike nut! I have 9 bikes in my shed. From single-speed to Mountain to an Ebike that does 30MPH. All driven by KMC chains.

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January 25, 2020

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