HT Components ME03 Flat Pedals: Rider Review

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The right pair of mountain bike pedals can be a game-changer. The wrong ones, well they can pretty much ruin any ride. HT Components has been making pedals for years now and their ME03 Platform Pedals are something to behold. With Chromoly spindles, these flats are serious business. Check out our customer's review to learn more!

HT Components ME03 Flat Pedals: Rider Review


I purchased these HT Components ME03 Platform/Flat Pedals with the Chromoly spindles for my two XC race bikes. I bought these pedals because I was looking for a lightweight flat pedal. As advertised, they weighted 260 grams on the money.

First Impressions

They have an option to adjust the spindle tension on the pedals if you want. Right out of the box, the pedals were a little stiff and really didn't spin that freely. Having put these on the day before I was leaving for the Wilderness 101 Ultra-endurance race, I wasn't about to fool with them and have them fall apart on me in the middle of nowhere. After the race, I did check to see if they were spinning freely and they did break in somewhat and spin pretty freely.


Having coined myself the poster boy for using flats in endurance racing in my area, these are by far the best flat pedal I've used so far. I only run flat pedals and have no problem shredding the gnar no matter where I ride/race. I've tried at least 15 other brands/models of pedals from Raceface, Reverse Components, Oneup Components, DMR, Shimano, Deity, and Crank Brothers. A close second to these are the Raceface Chester pedals.

HT Components ME03 platform pedal review

My One Complaint

The one and only issue I have with these pedals is the pin length. The pins can be a few mm longer. They are a little too short for my liking. I like my feet planted on the pedals as I'm bouncing through rock gardens especially when climbing. I did discover (and don't tell anyone this) but Raceface Chester replacement pins are the same thread as these OEM pins and are the perfect length. I replaced some of the pins with the Chester pins and I must say these HT Components pedals are now 100% Badass with a capital B !!!

Final Thoughts

I've done 4 endurance races with these pedals so far and they are holding up well. I have two sets and are planning on buying two more sets for my other bikes. And as always the guys at Worldwide Cyclery rock! Their customer service can't be matched by any other online retailer out there. They are mountain bikers who understand mountain bikers! I have been a long-time customer and always try to buy all my parts from these guys. Shred on guys!!

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January 26, 2020

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