Our Favorite Mountain Bike Things! Parts, Accessories & Essentials [Video]

We all have our favorite things when it comes to mountain biking - Jared and Jeff are no different. From Fox forks to Crankbrothers shoes, Garmin watches and everything in between, tune in for our favorite things we're riding with.

Jared's Favorite Products

Fox 36 160mm Grip X

Fox 36


The new Grip X damper from Fox is changing the game when it comes to all mountain versatility. Now you don't have to decide whether you want the best downhill performance or the ability to crush miles with a lockout knob - the Grip X does both and takes care of that decision for you. This damper is found in the new 34 and 36 forks and features both high speed and low speed compression and rebound adjustments, plus with the ability to crank that compression knob closed so you can firm up the fork for longer periods of smooth road pedaling or fire road climbs. 

Fox 36 Grip X

Crankbrothers Mallet BOA shoes

Crank Brothers Shoes


Crankbrothers burst onto the shoe scene a few years ago with their Mallet shoes that pair perfectly with their line of pedals and offer all day comfort. More recently they just released their Mallet Trail shoes that pair very well with their Mallet Trail pedals, however the regular old Mallet BOA shoes have been my favorite all around mountain biking shoes I've ever used. While the new Mallet Trail shoes check a lot of boxes in a riding shoe for me and I do prefer using them with my Mallet Trail pedals, the regular Mallet shoes have a bit more flex to the sole and have a bit more pedal feel which I do enjoy.


Magura MT7 Brakes

Magura MT7 Brakes


I've been using SRAM brakes for the last 5 years or so, so when I kept hearing tons of good things about Magura brakes and how great they were, I had to see what all the fuss was about. I slapped these MT7s on my Production Privee and then my Yeti SB140 with some SRAM HS2 rotors and I've been extremely pleased with their performance. The lever has a very light pull and once the pads grab onto the rotors there is a ton of power on tap. They have a very predictable feel and have been super easy to live with on the bike. My only complaint is that I've had a hard time keeping the pads from rubbing on the rotor, but being that the rotors I'm using are, well, used, and the rest of the impressive things about this brake make up for that lack of perfection, at least for now.

Magura MT7 Pro Disc Brake & Lever

Topeak SmartGauge D2 Presta/Schrader

Topeak Smartgauge


Everybody has that floor pump where the gauge is either 5 psi too high or 5psi too low. It's almost a right of passage in the cycling community. That's why a few years back I got one of these digital Topeak Smartgauges and I've had my tire pressure dialed since. No matter what floor pump I'm using, I double check my pressures with this digital gauge so I can be certain of my setup. Not only that, it's super easy to switch between Presta and Schrader valves so I can use this gauge on my car tires as well as my bike tires. 

Topeak SmartGauge D2 Review


KETL Mtn Canyon Bib

KETL Mtn Canyon Bib


Many riders may think bibs are solely for roadies and other lycra clad spandex warriors, but that's where they are wrong. I stumbled onto the bib scene shortly after I started working at Worldwide with my first foray being a Yeti cycles Enduro bib. This was basically the first day of the rest of my life. How did I exist with those saggy chamois shorts for all those years? Eventually I gave the KETL Mtn Canyon bib a go and the rest was history. All day comfort, useful pockets in the rear and extremely durable, what more could you want out of a bib? 

KETL Canyon Bib

KETL Mtn Socks

KETL Socks


Socks come in many shapes, sizes and materials. Your grandpa's old cotton tube socks (while incredibly stylish) have got nothing on these insanely comfortable, quick drying merino wool blend foot coverings from KETL Mtn. With three options to choose from (warmweather, coolweather and fairweather) there's a KETL sock for any adventure and occasion. I personally love to wear them for rides and hikes and for all sorts of things. I may have even worn them to a wedding or two...


Maurten Nutrition

Maurten Nutrition


Everyone has a different take when it comes to nutrition in the outdoors and during athletic pursuits. You'll find people who either stick to consuming whole foods and make their own power bars to people who just buy the next best thing off the shelf and those who don't care at all as long as they aren't starving. Maurten nutrition has a unique approach in that they want to fuel you with only the most essential ingredients and they leave out all the unnecessary things that just make you feel like garbage and ruin your stomach. I've been utilizing their bars and gels during longer rides and adventures and have nothing but good things to report. It's nice to be able to rely on some quick nutrition and not have to worry about the aftereffects. 

Maurten Nutrition

Jeff's Favorite Products

Wolf Tooth ReMote Pro Dropper Lever

Wolf Tooth ReMote Pro


Wolf Tooth was already killing it with their original dropper lever and their Light Action dropper lever, but they decided to go and make a whole new and improved setup with this ReMote Pro. The biggest improvement in my opinion with this new lever is arguably the cam actuator, combined with the amount of adjustability it provides. This allows the remote to have a larger mechanical advantage and increased leverage all while keeping the size of the remote relatively similar to what it was at. The original was one of our favorites among riders here at the shop, and now this newer, "pro" version is claiming the hearts of riders everywhere as well.

Wolf Tooth ReMote Pro Dropper Lever

Five Ten Trailcross Shoes

Five Ten Trailcross


Five Ten has been making their Trailcross shoes for years now, and more recently they decided to introduce a clipless version of this shoe to their lineup that you see here. This shoe blurs the lines between a capable hiking and approach shoe and a mountain biking shoe. Many riders will choose these for bikepacking adventures and other rides that include a healthy dose of hike a bike. The original flat pedal version certainly works better for those longer stretches of hiking due to the flexier sole, yet the clipless version tickles that fancy for those of us that prefer clipless pedals in general. Jeff loves these for his adventure races and wild rides where he has no idea where he will end up.

Five Ten Trailcross Pro

Garmin Epix Pro Gen 2 Sapphire 47mm

Garmin Watches


You may or may not know this, but Jeff is somewhat of a Garmin watch connoisseur. It seems as though he's got a new Garmin watch every couple of weeks, and to be honest, that might be somewhat accurate. Speaking of accurate, this latest watch of his is the Epix Pro Gen 2 in the Sapphire, 47mm version. It's got incredible GPS accuracy which tracks Jeff even on his most questionable pursuits, and it's equipped with the latest software that tracks all sorts of health metrics plus a plethora of indoor and outdoor activities. 

Garmin Fitness Watches

DaySaver Multi Tool



Multi-tools have been having a renaissance moment lately where seemingly tons of companies are racing to create their own version of the most compact, usable and utilitarian multi-tool out there. Enter Daysaver. This is the lightest and most minimalist multi-tool we've laid our eyes on, and wouldn't you know it's Jeff's favorite. With most of your riding essentials covered with this one little tool, it really makes you wonder what will they think of next? 


Trail One Hell's Gate Grips



The Hell's Gate grips have become extremely popular since we released them a few years ago, and riders who've purchased them have helped to contribute thousands of dollars to the Hell's Gate trail network in Kenya. We wanted to combine some of our favorite grip features into one grip to create the the holy grail of MTB grips, and we believe we've succeeded in that mission. Riders everywhere have been extremely stoked on these grips and that stokes us out even more than you could possibly imagine. Some riders requested a slightly thinner grip, so we listened and recently dropped the Farlow Gap grips. So check those out if you are a fan of thinner grips in particular.  TRAIL ONE COMPONENTS HELL'S GATE GRIPS

USWE Outlander 9



USWE packs are a favorite among riders here at the shop for a ton of reasons. The main one being the super clever and functional closure system that resembles a parachute harness which allows the pack to be extremely secure on your back while riding, no matter the trail. This one in particular is the Outlander 9 which is Jeff's prefered mountain biking pack. When he isn't raw dogging it around the neighborhood, he does actually bring some essentials in this pack along with some hydration. I personally also love the USWE packs for trail running and hiking in addition to mountain biking because of how great the packs stay on your back and don't bounce around. 


USWE Hajker Ultra 30L Fastpacking Pack



Jeff's ultra endurance escapades are super demanding on his gear, and this adventure racing pack is no exception. When you are out there racing for multiple days at a time, you need a pack that can not only hold everything that you need, but it needs to be secure on your body when you are running and riding your bike for hours on end. The USWE closure system works incredibly well on a pack like this because it allows you to focus on the task ahead of you instead of trying to manage a bouncy pack that's constantly distracting you. 


BeFree Water Filter



If you are a seasoned camper or backpacker, you are likely familiar with this sort of water filter. These BeFree filters work great because when not in use, the bottle takes up virtually no space in your back because of how collabsible it is and yet it's there when you really need it. We've used them countless times while out on the trail in the backcountry and there's nothing like some freshly filtered water out of a rocky mountain stream, let me tell ya. 


BeFree Water Filter


Extract Purist Bottle Filter

Extract Water Filter


It's surprising that it took this long to get a water filter that perfectly integrates with a standard cycling bottle, and yet here we are getting one for the first time in 2024. Extract has hit a home run with their filter that seamlessly integrates with your common cycling water bottle and eliminates those uncertain hydration situations. We only have a little bit of time on these filters in particular and so far so good, however, if you're interested in a full run down and review of these bad boys, our friends over at bikepacking.com have a little more thorough of a review for you to check out. 

Extract Water Filter

If you are one strange human that would like to read a transcript of the video above, continue reading below!

just like Oprah's Favorite Things this
is Jeff and Jared's Favorite Things
mountain bike Edition and everybody in
our live studio audience is going to get
every single one of these mountain bike
products today is your
lucky five things for each of us my
number one thing I'm going to talk about
is a product that's been on every single
one of my bikes no matter what bike I
build and it is the wolftooth remote
dropper lover and now in particular the
new remote Pro revised version with a
what do they call this thing cam
actuator variable cam actuator you said
you had it all memorized tons of
adjustability made in the US sealed
bearing no play this is just the creme
DEA Creme of dropper levers you like
crabby patties don't you Squidward it's
one of my favorite things cuz it's on
all of my bikes I ever build now you go
now I go I also have a wolf tooth remote
on my bike right here but my first
favorite thing has got to be my new Fox
36 with the grip X damper that I got on
my bike right here it is almost like you
took a fit four and you took a grip two
and they had a baby here he
is not only have high speed and low
speed compression and rebound adjustment
but you can also turn that knob all the
way clockwise and you can kind of fir up
the fork with a lockout so it's like you
get the amazing downhill performance
also lock it out like this bike I kind
of wanted to be like a all Mountain you
know like ride all day even if I'm doing
some fire Road or some long road
stretches like lock it out a little bit
and have the versatility the absolute
Flagship high-end Fork from Fox probably
a lot of people would think that was
their favorite thing if they had it it's
a good product guess I kind of got
roasted a little bit there didn't
I my number two favorite thing my Garmin
watch in particular the Epic Pro Gen 2
sapphire in the 47 mm watch face wow how
about that for a name that's oddly
specific well let's get specific BP I
absolutely love Garmin watches I think
they're amazing devices for tracking all
of your rides your runs your hikes you
wear them 24/7 so it tracks your sleep
all your physiological data it's
incredible what Garmin has built like
the whole ecosystem of what it tracks
and what it does and how accurate the
GPS is I've convinced almost everyone in
the whole company to get a Garin watch
cuz how cool they are if you're looking
for a GPS watch or device definitely
check them out my favorite product that
I also like to wear are my Crank
Brothers shoes right here I want to say
I've had these for since they came out
which has got to be 2 or 3 years now
probably the most comfortable mountain
bike shoes I have ever owned I will come
in to work wearing these and be walking
around for hours just like oh yeah I'm
still wearing my mountain bike shoes you
know you got people in one camp where
they hate the boas and people love the
boas you know I have ripped one of these
off at one point but it was actually
super easy to put a new one in and crank
brother sent me a new one these are
probably the best mountain bike shoes I
have ever owned comfort and just quality
and like liveability on the bike
performance and feel you have good pedal
feel it's not so stiff where you're like
almost like numb in between your foot
and the sole and the pedal just a great
allaround shoe my favorite feature on
those shoes and all the Crank Brothers
Shoes is that because Crank Brothers
makes the petals and the shoes they're
perfectly designed so on the bottom
where your actual pins go on your pedals
there's already clearance for that so
there's not that awkward breaking
process which I was going to talk about
because I actually really like this shoe
which is a 510 tril Cross Pro this isn't
really on my favorite things list like
you were doing shoes that I was like
going to throw in some pair of new shoes
that I got so there you go got one bit
cuz these are much cleaner and newer and
fancier yeah these are fresh I've had
the older version the non-pro version
but this new pro version with the boa
and this little neoprene cuff I
absolutely love albeit a total pain to
break these in uh it's like the first
three rods you can't really get clipped
out of your pedal until it like digs the
grooves and the rubber you know correct
spots you might just need to add another
little shim there NOP oh dude do you
know who you're talking
to that would work initially but then
eventually it would beo icy like I want
just the right amount of contact anyways
my next favorite product is going to be
my M mt7 breakes also on my bike right
here you know I was kind of a sham guy
for years just want to try something new
the muras are amazing just a super nice
light lever field with tons of power
people give them kind of plaque for
being hard to bleed but I never really
found them to be super hard to bleed
mura have always been making really good
breaks they were just less popular in
North America I think mostly because of
distribution until the last four 5 years
a lot of people have tried those they
actually ended up on our best products
of 2023 list because they so popular as
far as breaks go what's your next
favorite product jef uh my next favorite
product is this this is called the day
saer very small company that's making
unbelievably bougie fancy and I like to
say creme de creme can I have fancy
sauce if you're a weight weeny and you
want the absolute lightest most
sophisticated multi-tool possible on
your bike day saer is is the one this
particular tool has eight tools and this
one has five tools little tiny magnetic
things to switch in and out when you
want to change the tool bit um this
tucks in and it mounts underneath your
uh bike on your accessory Mount this or
toss it in your pack whatever you want
to do with this thing but this is an
incredible tool and I usually didn't
always carry multi-tools on my bike I
kind of RW dogged it here and there
which wasn't very smart um but once this
tool came out I actually started putting
on my bike because it was so light and
so nice and so convenient so that is
very cool Engineers who made this should
be working on more important things than
tools my next favorite product the tow
Peak digital smart tire gauge it's a
smart gauge because it's digital and
that is nice it has a little watch
battery in here and you can also
alternate in between prea and Shader
valves so not only is this good for your
bike but it's actually very Nifty for
your car if you don't have a super nice
fancy car that tells you what your
pressures are on your
dashboard higher pressure and also you
can't really trust your floor pump gauge
you know everybody's floor pump gauge is
a little bit different some people's
five PSI 2 high some people's five PSI 2
low this at least even if it is off a
little bit you can always kind of trust
and have that Baseline so it's good to
have something like this my next product
is the trail 1 hellsgate grips and if
you've been watching this channel for a
long time you know worldwide Cyclery is
a co-founder and co-owner of Trail one
components this has been an amazing
outlet for us to make incredible
mountain bike products that we've always
wanted and support Trail networks while
doing it the Hell's Gate grip to us was
kind of the flagship product that we
made initially and because we worked on
it the longest and it's an amalgamation
of all of our absolute favorite possible
grips from over the years merged into
one grip so every little tiny intricate
detail that uh all of us liked the
reason they're called hellsgate is
because they're named after the
hellsgate national forest which is in
Kenya mountain bike trail Network and $1
per pair of grip sold goes to that trail
Network which we've already donated over
$5,000 to and $5,000 going to Kenya to
helped out by Trail Builders goes a long
way wow so yeah stoked on how much good
these grips have done and also just how
well they came out and how much nicer
they've made my grip experience cuz it's
exactly what I wanted in a grip get a
grip good grip what's next you might ask
two things that I actually don't really
go on rides without one of which being
my Kettle socks they were with three
different types of socks these are my
favorite ones the warm weather socks
these are super comfortable and stretchy
and just amazing Viking socks or hiking
socks actually I love to wear these on
Hikes Marina will blend that is very
important and also my Kettle Mountain
Canyon bib even like before I started
working here I wasn't really a bib guy I
didn't even really know what a bib was I
thought they were strictly for Ries but
this thing has a super nice shammy in it
before using a bib I was always kind of
like pulling it up like you know like
doing a little doing a little doing a
little dance really nice to not have to
do that and not only that but there's
three compartments in the back where you
can throw your phone even extra water
bottle snacks tools whatever you always
throw like a multi-tool and uh you know
a little pump or something in there
especially if you're on a bike that's
not yours you don't always have all your
mounts and your spares on there so all
day Comfort which is really nice you
hear how some people ride like without
shamies like Nate Hills and stuff and
like he he's got a taint of
Steel oh my gosh he's got stuff my next
product if I ever go for a really long
ride and I need a hydration pack I
always have this USU pack or one of
these two packs so smallish rides but
bigger than no hydration pack rides this
one USU has got this unique patented
design that just has a single clip that
goes over your chest and it prevents the
thing from bouncing around at all and
just feels really good and secure on
your body and also is really easy and
quick to remove which is nice just
extremely welld designed this is their
Adventure race specific one which I got
for doing adventure races and it's much
bigger and has way more compartments and
is a way more heavy duty serious guy if
you're doing like those huge big dog or
multi-day Adventures this is my favorite
pack so the big boy all right bonus
round I have got something that we've
recently started to carry it is the
Martin nutrition they have all sorts of
nutrition Solutions I guess you'd call
them from like bars uh which are my
favorite actually they have like a cocoa
one almost like chocolate rice krispy
which pretty tasty as long as it doesn't
get super cold if it's really cold it's
really hard to
eat it's like most bars right like most
bars like you know and also yeah really
good gel that don't have like a bunch of
crazy extra ingredients just kind of
like super basic fuel to keep you on I
did a off-road half marathon or whatever
you call that run we did a few months
back I had a bunch of Martin nutrition
and it kept me going for what running
for over 3 hours and you don't feel like
super weird and like jacked up
afterwards you know you go on like these
big efforts and you take a bunch of
nutrition and then you're like wo I feel
like I need multiple days to recover
from that but the stuff you just kind of
feel normal and fueled up which is
really nice so many different people say
it's the only brand of gels that they
use that does just never hurts their
stomach my bonus round I used to carry
these with me all the time which I still
do depending on the occasion or what I'm
doing um but as you can imagine this
doesn't fit into onto your bicycle very
well she doesn't even go here if you
want to drink out of streams this is
what you need uh it's a filter you fill
this sucker up in a creek and you can
drink out of streams and it filters out
basically 99.9% of the impurities they
say this is a new product from this
company called extract and it basically
is essentially that exact same type of
filter but it threads right onto your
regular water bottle so what a good idea
what a good idea and nicely executed
it's like super high-end really well
done and it's only it's cheap it's like
25 or 30 bucks or something then we have
a deal links below to all these products
and a whole article about all these
products in the video description if you
enjoyed this video thank you for
watching this far please share it with
any mountain bike or friends of yours
and tell us what your favorite product
is that you got write them in the
comment section subscribe hit the like
button smash like subscribe all that BS
maybe next time you'll be lucky enough
to be in the live audience and get all
of these for free next recording next
time maybe Cheerio cheerio

May 29, 2024

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