PUSH Industries SV EIGHT [Rider Review]

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No component change can make a bike feel like new quite like a rear shock upgrade. Having tested numerous shocks over the years our customer was eager to see how PUSH Industries' new "budget" offering, the SV EIGHT, stacks up against the competition. Read about our customers thoughts!


Out of the Box: Right from the start, the SV EIGHT impressed with its increased traction and ability to smooth out small to medium bumps. However, it was harsh on big hits, making any chest-high drop or significant g-out a jarring experience. This roughness vanished once I fine-tuned the settings, and from then on, the ride was nothing short of exceptional—even in the challenging winter conditions of the Sea to Sky Corridor.


Adjustability: The SV EIGHT offers significant adjustability with high-speed compression (HSC), low-speed compression (LSC), and low-speed rebound (LSR) dials that require no tools. Out of the box, settings were at 12 clicks open for HSC/LSC and 9 clicks for LSR. I used PUSH's online spring rate calculator, which accurately suggested a spring rate giving me 30% sag on my 2022 Rocky Mountain Altitude.

Fit: Unlike the premium ElevenSix, which uses spherical bearing hardware, the SV EIGHT uses standard hardware. This allowed me to reuse hardware from my Fox X2, saving some money. The fit was perfect.

Climbing Performance

Initial Ride: Climbing felt like riding an entirely new bike. The coil shock provided a smooth, fat-bike-on-fresh-pavement feel, significantly better than my previous air shock.

Technical Climbs: On a steep, technical section with rocks and roots, the SV EIGHT excelled in providing traction, even before any tuning. However, a downside became apparent: the lack of a climb switch. For bikes without excellent anti-squat properties, like my Altitude, this could be a drawback, especially for those who rely heavily on a climb switch.

Descending Performance

Traction and Support: Descending is where the SV EIGHT truly shines. The traction is phenomenal, offering superb support and tracking through corners. Off-camber roots and square-edged hits are managed effortlessly, making the rear end of the bike feel like a slithering python through rock gardens.

Big Hits: The first significant drop revealed a limitation—the shock's harsh bottom-out on substantial impacts. Unlike the ElevenSix, the SV EIGHT lacks hydraulic bottom-out control, relying instead on a rubber bumper. After tuning and increasing the spring rate, this issue was resolved without sacrificing top-end plushness and traction.

Fine-Tuning and Adjustability

Adjustability Range: The SV EIGHT boasts a broad range of adjustability with 28 clicks each for HSC and LSC, all of which are perceptible. This level of fine-tuning is a standout feature compared to its closest competitors.

Warranty and Service: PUSH offers a long service interval and a unique lifetime warranty—send the shock for a full service once a year, and your warranty is reset. This feature, combined with the shock's performance, makes the higher price point justifiable in the long run.

Aesthetics and Build Quality

Appearance: The SV EIGHT's silver coil might not suit everyone's taste, but the performance justifies keeping the PUSH-branded spring. The fit and finish of the damper are top-notch, borrowing styling cues from the ElevenSix for a classy look.



  • Exceptional traction in all conditions
  • Extensive tune-ability
  • High-quality aesthetics
  • Comprehensive warranty
  • Excellent compliance with small to large bumps (after tuning)
  • Long service intervals


  • High price
  • Limited service centers compared to major brands
  • No initial tuning guide or recommended settings from the manufacturer

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the PUSH Industries SV EIGHT offers top-tier performance with extensive adjustability and an impressive warranty, making it a worthy investment for serious riders looking to elevate their bike's performance.


May 28, 2024

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