Industry Nine Introduces The A35 Stem.... Stem? (They Made a Freaking Stem!)

Industry Nine. When you hear this name you probably think about loud hubs coming in a variety of colors with a ton of engagement. And you should think of that, immediately, because Industry Nine has built their reputation around some of the best wheels money can buy in the bike industry. A quick look at the company shows that wheels are pretty much all they have to offer, but not anymore! As you might have seen from the title of this article, Industry nine has produced stem. No not a valve stem, an actual stem to hold your handlebars. But why?

Industry Nine A35 Stem
This is a good question and although there are many answers, we're going to keep it short. With years of machining experience and a roster of some of the best riders in the world, it only makes sense that Industry Nine would venture into other components. The stem is one of the more critical components on the bike and it can either make or ruin your ride.

Stems range in size and prices and it is clear to which stem is considered high-end. Industry Nine’s A35 Stem is clearly a high-end stem. For those of you who might not know the difference in quality, you can easily tell by its construction. For example, and no offense to Race Face as this stem is intended to be cheap but the Race Face Chester Stem as seen below is forged because it is a cheaper process with a cheaper outcome. Now compare this to the Industry Nine A35 next to it. The A35 is machined out of a block of aluminum which in turn offers a cleaner overall look, better surface for anodized color options and a stronger platform.

Industry Nine A35 Stem


As of now, the stem will only be offered in a 35mm bar clamp with plans to see a 31.8mm available down the line (Yes people still ride 31.8). This leaves us with length. The stem will be available in:

32mm length: For a closer cockpit to keep you sitting upright and tighter steering
40mm length: For a closer cockpit that isn’t too close.
50mm length: For some extra room if you are feeling cramped but with slightly slower steering.
60mm length: For all the extra room you should need on a trail bike without buying a new frame. Leaves you leaning further over the front of the bike and has a slower turning speed.

Industry Nine A35 Stem


Industry Nine A35 Stem

One perk that sets Industry Nine apart from the competition is the fact that you can order this stem in each of the color options you see available with their wheels. This means you have components that actually match in color because they are being colored together - something OCD Bikers have been waiting to see for ages. Another perk is that Industry nine is actually giving the customer the option to mix-match their stem. Yep, this means if you wanted a green faceplate and a purple body, they will do it. Want a red faceplate with a blue body to match your USA themed bike? They offer it!

Industry Nine A35 Stem
Not many companies today offer anything but black so having the option to use almost any color in the rainbow give you that much more freedom to customize your bike and really get flashy with it!

Industry Nine A35 Stem

Initial Ride Review

Luckily we got our hands on one of these suckers a few weeks ago to get some testing in before the release and we’ll just come right out and say it - WE LOVE IT! But you may be questioning how do you review a stem. And to be honest it isn’t too hard. Taking a step back from your ride and thinking about what each and every component does gives you a good idea of exactly how that part feels in the moment. Riding a bike long enough you can tell when a new part is different and throwing this stem on one of our Transition Smugglers made a difference. The overall structure was very supportive although many riders might not notice this.

Industry Nine A35 Stem
Installation was extremely easy. A simple 4mm Hex Key (allen wrench) does the trick. The contact area where the stem meets the handlebar is just enough to ensure that your bars to not move on those harsh landings. Not to mention the color is incredibly vivid. There is not one bad thing to say about the Industry Nine A35 Stem. It simply gets the job done and adds that extra bit of flare to your bike that you have been looking for.

Industry Nine A35 Stem

October 23, 2018

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