Industry Nine Classic Torch Hubs: Customer Review

In this review, one of our customers decided to upgrade the front hub on his mountain bike by going with the Industry Nine Classic Torch hubs with boost spacing. Made right in Asheville, North Carolina, Industry Nine hubs are known for their quality and efficient design. Check out Nicholas' review!

Industry Nine Torch Hubs Customer Review


Last year I decided to build a custom carbon wheelset for my Evil The Following. At the time, I built up my bike with a boost fork to future proof my bike as I normally do custom builds and almost always carry parts over. I opted for an Industry Nine Torch rear hub (mainly for the lightning-quick engagement) but could not find a matching boost front hub locally. I decided to go for an American classic boost hub but was never really satisfied with the quality and durability of the bearings compared to my rear i9 hub. I then ordered a boost I9 Torch front hub to match my rear and have not looked back ever since.

Industry Nine Torch Hubs Customer ReviewFirst Impressions

First off, the build quality is fantastic! The added stiffness that a boost hub brings to my front end when traversing gnarly terrain is unmatched. As a result of this stiffness, my front wheel has become quite sensitive to tire pressure as well as fork pressure and rebound damping.

Some might say that a front hub is not a crucial component on a bike, but when it comes to durability and reliability, Industry Nine stands head and shoulders above the rest. I have often had to replace hub bearings due to riding in extreme weather conditions. The Industry Nine hubs do not require frequent servicing and I have yet to replace a bearing on them.

Industry Nine Torch Hubs Customer ReviewFinal Thoughts

In conclusion, I would like to reiterate that if you are in the market for a custom wheelset or if you are looking to upgrade your current hubs, do not compromise on lesser quality hubs and look no further.

P.S. they have the raddest color combinations :)

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May 12, 2018

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