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The AR 25 wheelset is Industry Nine's answer to the "Do It All" road, gravel, and cyclecross wheelset. I9 claims that the AR 25 was born from adventure, designed to tackle long gravel roads, singletrack, road riding, and everything in between.  

These wheels are Industry Nine's most popular seller for any multi-use application on your drop bar bike. Whether that be riding on the asphalt, gravel roads, or rugged technical singletrack, the AR 25 can cover it all. With so many different axle configurations available, swap the AR 25 wheels from bike to bike with one wheelset that can handle a wide variety of trail. 

Industry Nine AR 25 Wheelset - Worldwide Cyclery

Industry Nine AR 25 Wheelset - Worldwide Cyclery

The AR 25 at its core is centered around Industry Nine's Torch series road disk chassis. With a 3 paw design, 6 degree freehub mechanism, a 24 spoke 2/1 lacing pattern, thru axle compatible, and multiple freehub body options, the AR 25 can be configured in a multitude of ways to fit all types of bikes. 

Check out Industry Nine's AnoLab to mix and match 11 different anodized color options and build your own custom wheelset. Stock color options are also available in all black or a combination of red black and silver anodized colors. 

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  • The total wheelset weighs in at 1450 grams
  • The front wheel weighs 660 grams
  • The rear wheel weighs 790 grams
  • The rim alone weighs 437 grams

Torch Road Disc Hubs

  • The Torch series hubs feature a driver mechanism that can withstand 700 ft lbs of torque! That is massive! For the AR 25, the freehub 6 paw system has been reduced to 3 paws to reduce drag and weight. This system gives the AR 25 Torch hubs 6 degrees of engagement. 
  • Freehub Body Options: Shimano/SRAM HG, Campy 11-speed or SRAM XD-R
  • Center lock or ISO 6 bolt brake rotor interface available

24 Spoke 2/1 Lacing Pattern

  • This 2/1 lacing pattern can be found on all of our rear road wheels. This lacing pattern reduces wheel weight and promotes even spoke tensions, while maintaining excellent durability. Rear wheels feature 16 spokes on the rear drive side flange, paired with 8 opposing spokes. Due to the rear wheel dish caused by the cassette on the rear wheel, this orientation evens out spoke tension.
  • It also reduces peak stress loads on the spokes and rim, as well as the fatigue cycle incurred in a traditional 24 spoke wheel - allowing a lower spoke count and lighter weight, without the durability issues and increased rim weights commonly associated with low spoke count wheels. 

The Rim 

  • The AR 25 wheelset utilizes a Clincher rim with a 21.5mm inner width, 25mm outer width, and 25mm rim depth
  • The Clincher style rim comes Tubeless Ready 

Tire Compatibility 

  • Industry Nine recommends a tubeless ready tire anywhere from 25 to 55mm wide for the AR 25 wheels. 
  • Maximum Tire Pressure By Size:

         700 x 25  -  95 PSI
         700 x 28  -  85 PSI
         700 x 30-33  -  70 PSI
         700 x 35-38  -  55 PSI
         700 x 40-44  -  50 PSI
         700 x 45-49  -  45 PSI
         700 x 50-55  -  35 PSI

Check Out The AR 25 Wheels in Action!

Industry Nine AR 25 Wheelset - Worldwide Cyclery

Industry Nine AR 25 Wheelset - Worldwide Cyclery

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September 21, 2017

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