Customer Review: SRAM Guide R Rear Disc Brake Review

I have built up 3 bikes using SRAM Guide R brakes. This was my first experience with the “B1” version of Guide brakes. In all of my bike builds I have taken the time to shorten the brake hoses for aesthetics, and because of this I have learned to bleed Guide brakes.

Sram Guide R Brakes

The B1 brakes require a different bleed tool to fit the caliper than it does for the brake lever. The SRAM bleed kit comes with this special fitting.  Whereas the bleed tool screws in at the brake lever, the bleed tool snaps in at the caliper. (All the video instructions are available on the SRAM site.)

Sram Guide R Brakes

Once you get both bleed tools connected, you push fluid through the systems from the brake lever to the caliper normally, and then push fluid back the other direction. Next you “close” the port at the caliper and do all the air bleeding at the brake lever only!!  With the non-B1 brakes, I had to do air bleeding at both the lever and caliper ends of the brake system. This was time consuming and could be messy.  The B1 bleed method essentially cut the bleed time in half!!  I loved it.

Sram Guide R Brakes

I run a 200mm front that 180mm rear rotor as I am about 210lbs. As always, the Guide Brakes perform fantastic.

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September 20, 2017

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