Industry Nine A35 Stem: Rider Review

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Industry Nine is known for the insane craftsmanship and incredibly high performing products. Being a leading manufacturer in the MTB wheel world, it made sense for them to finally utilize their machines to produce something other than a fancy hub, hence the fancy stem you see below. The A35 Stem perfectly displays their attention to detail and their love for customization. Let's see how this customer feels about their recent upgrade:

Rider Review:

Industry Nine is without question one of my favorite bike component brands out there. All their stuff is absolutely rock solid and it's a company I'm proud to support and have on my bike. When I needed to get a stem for my Revel Rascal T1000 build, I knew it had to be the Industry Nine Silver one to go with my silver frame and other silver & black accents. A quick check of my bar diameter and determining the correct stem length based on my preferred reach, and this was an easy purchase.

Industry Nine A35 Stem Review at Worldwide Cyclery

Absolutely couldn't be happier and this bike always gets complements (not to mention it rides so damn well - the CBF suspension hype is REAL). Definitely check out this stem the next time you need one or are just looking to upgrade your bike's performance and looks. If you're feeling extra fancy, you can even get fancy and "mismatch" your stem parts and rock two different colors - but this was a bit much for me haha

Industry Nine A35 Stem Review at Worldwide Cyclery

One little side note is that changing your stem length to adjust your reach, adding a few headset spacers to your fork's steerer tub to change your handlebar height, and adjusting the positioning of your handlebars (not to mention handlebar width) can have a big impact on the feel of your bike. So, if you're still riding the stock setup, I'd take a few pictures of you riding in different body positions just to see if you looked cramped or spread out on your bike. Chances are the "stock" setup isn't the perfect one for you and a slight change can really improve your performance and comfort on the bike.


"So yes, I went with this one mostly for looks but don't think for a moment this isn't one of the best stems out there. Everything Industry Nine does is top notch and handmade in Ashville, North Carolina - not to mention they stand behind their products and give back to further advance the MTB community (not that I've ever broken anything from them...but I've heard they are super responsive and fair)"

Industry Nine A35 Stem Review at Worldwide Cyclery

September 09, 2020

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