WTB Silverado Saddle: Rider Review

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WTB has been a household name in the MTB scene pretty much since it's creation back in the day. WTB holds a history stronger than almost any brand and this is why they have grown to be such a reputable and loved company. Their saddles can be seen on world cup podiums, any stage of the EWS, and on almost any weekend warriors bike on any given trail in the world today. When people buy WTB, they know they are buying something meant to last. Let's see what this customer thought of his Silverado Saddle:

Rider Review

The WTB Silverado saddle has been a good choice and I'd definitely go with it again the next time I need a saddle. The quality and construction is everything I'd expect from a WTB product. Thus far it's been durable and holding up to use on my Trek Stache. My Salsa Cutthroat came with a WTB saddle so when I needed to replace the original Trek saddle on the Stache I looked at WTB saddles. The Silverado is offered in steel, chromoly, titanium, and carbon rail materials. I went with the chromoly rails looking for a balance between weight and cost.

The original Trek saddle had been a very good fit and was on the narrow side. Historically narrow saddles have been a good fit for me and I'd been very happy with Selle Italia San Marco Rolls and a Brooks Cambium carved model. I had never tried to do measurements of my sit bones and compare it to saddle width measurements but I believe that getting a good match on saddle width to sit bone width is the key to a happy rear-end on long days in the saddle. I had seen that WTB has an online saddle selection tool that estimates your sit bone width and recommends widths from their offerings. The inputs to the WTB tool were simple and the WTB recommended medium width which has given a good fit. The padding on the Silverado is minimal but again I believe matching saddle width to sit bone width is key to comfort. The saddle shape is fairly flat particularly compared to a Selle San Marco or the Brooks Cambium

WTB Silverado Saddle Review
The Silverado microfiber cover appears durable and has reinforcement on the back corners where it's likely to contact either walls or the ground if you lean your back against a wall or lay it down on the ground. The cover is smooth enough to allow you to slide back or forward to adjust position as needed but not so smooth that you have to work to hold the desired position on the saddle. Saddle length is short enough that I don't end up snagging my shorts on the nose when sliding back or dropping off the back end with the seat post fully extended. Fit and feel are good whether I'm slid back on the saddle or riding forward on the nose. The saddle has a center depression and I haven't had any numbness issues in the nether regions. The saddle is firm but had some flex that dampens out the bumps along the way.


"At this point, I've got about 40 hours in on the WTB Silverado. Ride durations on this saddle have been about 3 hours give or take and one 8 hour event. I haven't felt any hot spots, pressure points, or chafing. It's a keeper for me."

WTB Silverado Saddle Review

September 08, 2020

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