Fox's 2019 Fork + Shock Updates (The Best Keeps Getting Better)

We’re officially a third of the way through 2018, so naturally numerous companies are announcing their 2019 product lineup, because, you know, that’s just how it goes. Well Fox is one of those companies and we’re pretty stoked to see some of the changes rolling out for 2019. The great thing about Fox is they make quality products that cover every rider, so grab a cold one and take a look at the 2019 offerings…

2019 Fox 36

2019 Fox 36 Fork

Possibly the biggest change to the lineup is the major updates to the Fox 36 fork which just happens to be a shop favorite and can be found on plenty of employee bikes taking up way too much space in the warehouse and mechanics area. All joking aside, this fork is equipped with the brand new FIT GRIP2 Damper and it sounds amazing - we can’t wait to get our hands on this bad boy to test out. The 2018 version of this fork was great, but Fox set out to improve small bump compliance as well as tenability. The new FIT GRIP2 damper features 4-way high-speed and low-speed compression and rebound damping so those who love to really tinker and dial in those settings will be stoked. If you’re the type of rider that is more of the “set it and forget it” style, you’ll still be able to run this fork with the tried and true Fit 4 damper which we have come to love. Below are more of the juicy details on the 2019 Fox 36 fork:

  • NEW FIT GRIP2 damper with 4-way high- and low-speed compression and rebound damping
  • NEW max travel options: 180 mm (27.5” ) / 170 mm (29”)
  • NEW Gloss Orange paint option
  • 5” with 37mm offset and 29” with 44mm offset options
  • FIT4 three position damper options
  • FLOAT EVOL air spring
  • 831 model – GRIP2 with convertible 15 mm/20 mm axle
  • Factory Series models feature Genuine Kashima Coat

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2019 Fox 34 Step Cast

2019 Fox 34 StepCast

For all the weight weenies looking to party just a little more, Fox just unveiled the new Step Cast 34, which Yeti is spec’ing on the brand new SB100. Initially only available on the 32, Fox has brought the Step-Cast technology to the 34 fork which has a dedicated 120mm travel. This is the perfect fork for those looking to beef up their XC bike or shed a little weight on their all mountain/trail bike will still keeping that stiffness of the 34 fork. Check out more of our complete product overview on the 2019 Fox 34 Step-Cast.

  • Entirely new Step-Cast chassis
  • 3.5lb/1.59kg (27.5” w/ Kabolt axle)
  • Same stiffness as 34 140mm, nearly 0.5 lbs/0.23kg lighter
  • 15% stiffer than 32 long travel and 0.3lb/.14kg lighter
  • FLOAT EVOL air spring
  • External steps in lower casting reduce weight
  • Dedicated air spring and damper tune
  • 120 mm max travel
  • 27.5” chassis fits up to 2.8” tire, 29” chassis fits up to 2.6” tire
  • Gloss orange or matte black paint options
  • Factory Series models feature Genuine Kashima Coat

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2019 Fox 40 Fork

2019 Fox 40 Fork

When it comes to downhill, how can you go wrong with the Fox 40? That's right, you can't. This beast of a fork just got better with the addition of the new FIT GRIP2 damper. What else is new for 2019? A 29" version as well as the shiny orange color availability. 

  • NEW FIT GRIP2 damper with 4-way high- and low-speed compression and rebound damping
  • NEW 29” wheel option
  • NEW Gloss Orange paint option
  • FLOAT EVOL air spring
  • Air bleed system ensures consistent fork performance at any altitude
  • Factory Series models feature Genuine Kashima Coat

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2019 Fox Float DPX2 & X2

2019 Fox Float DPX2 and X2 Rear Shock

The 2018 Float DPX2 can be seen on every employee Yeti SB5.5 at the shop and being that it was a new release last year, it's no surprise that not much has changed here other than a remote option and a revised DPS adjustment range for improved small-bump sensitivity. Also receiving a few updates for 2019 is the highly adjustable X2 rear shock. First, a new XV EVOL airsleeve which will accommodate the clydesdale riders looking to run a tad higher PSI - maximum air pressure is now 300PSI which is up 50 PSI from the 2018 shock. The X2 also received a progressive bottom out bumper and an angled air valve which will make adjustments a tad easier than before.

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April 11, 2018

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