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Since the introduction of the Fox Transfer dropper, it's been a standout product leading the charge in performance and reliability. We are going to break down how to install a Fox Transfer dropper post with internal routing. No matter if you have a Factory Series or Performance Series Transfer post, follow these instructions to get your dropper running seamlessly. Let's get to it!

How To: Install a Fox Transfer Post

What Tools Do We Need?

Having the right tools will make installing your dropper post that much easier. You will need a set of allen keys, a pair of cable cutters, and a pair of needle nose pliers. Of course, you will also need a shifter cable, enough shifter cable housing, two cable ferrels, and a cable end crimp. 

How To Install Fox Transfer Post - Worldwide Cyclery

1. Mount The Remote Lever

Install the dropper post remote lever and slide the grip back in to place on the handlebar. If you are using either a Fox 1x lever or a Fox 2x lever, tighten the lever clamp bolt down to 1.7 Nm (15 in-lb) with a 2.5mm allen key. We would also highly recommend the Wolf Tooth ReMote Lever if you are looking for something other than the Fox lever. 

Make sure you get the placement of the remote lever where it is comfortable to operate and where it is out of the way of the brake lever. Having your grip mounted up on the handlebar will give you a better idea of where the dropper remote lever should be positioned. This is important when cutting your cable housing to the correct length. 

How To Install Fox Transfer Post - Worldwide Cyclery

2. Mock Up Cable Housing

So I go about this a bit differently, but to help eliminate some repetitive steps.

  • First, I get the cable housing through the frame, so it's sticking out of the seat tube, and also the front of the frame.
  • Then I get the saddle on the post and figure out the saddle height. Once you have your determined saddle height and the post is on the saddle, you will need to measure the seat tube from the center of the crank, to the top of the clamp.
  • Now that we have the saddle height, and the seat tube height, we will need to see how much seat post will be inserted into the frame so we can cut the correct amount of housing.

How To: Install a Fox Transfer Dropper Post

  • The best way to do this is to get a tape measure and set the correct saddle height at the top of the saddle, and then see where the seat tube length falls onto the post.
  • Once you see that mark on the post, take note, or mark with a piece of tape because we now need to measure from the marked spot on where the seat tube clamp will sit on the post, to the bottom of the post. Once you have measured that, you are now almost ready to cut the cable.
  • Say as an example you need to insert your post 21cm into the frame, you will need to cut 21cm off the cable, but don't cut just yet.
  • Make it so your cable housing is flush with the top of your seat tube, and now mock up how you want your cable housing to be routed to the remote, the bend and length.
  • Once you have that set, and you see the point in which the cable meets the remote with the correct bend and routing, we will now need to cut that 21cm off the housing from that point. As the post will push 21cm into the frame, it will expose 21cm out the front. Following this method, you will only have to do everything once and will get a perfect cable length with no guesswork.

How To Install Fox Transfer Post - Worldwide Cyclery

3. Install Cable Bushing And Push Cable Through Housing

You will be using a traditional shifter cable to actuate your dropper post. Slide the cable bushing provided with your Fox Transfer. Make sure the head of the cable is fully seated in the cable bushing. 

Slide the cable through the housing at the seat tube end. 

How To Install Fox Transfer Post - Worldwide Cyclery

4. Seat The Cable Bushing And Cable Housing To The Dropper Post

Seat the cable bushing in the "actuation cradle" on the bottom side of the dropper post. Next, set the cable housing into place on the bottom side of the dropper post as well. Make sure to pull the cable tight. 

How To Install Fox Transfer Post - Worldwide Cyclery

5. Pull The Cable, Housing, And Dropper Post Down Through The Seat Tube

Pull the cable tight to seat the cable, housing, and ferrel. From where the cable and housing is inserted towards the headtube, pull both the cable and housing at the same time while inserting the dropper post into the seat tube. It's very important that you pull the cable along with the housing during this process so that the cable bushing stays put in that actuation cradle.

6. Set Your Seatpost To The Correct Pedaling Height

While inserting the post into the frame, make sure to keep tension on the cable and cable housing, to they both stay in contact with the dropper post. Once set to the correct saddle height, you can now tighten the post to the frame manufacturer settings. If not sure, I would go to 5nm and if that holds the post in the correct spot, great. If not add 1nm until post is secure in frame.

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7. Insert The Cable Through The Remote Lever

Feed the cable from the end of the cable housing up and through the remote lever. If you are using a Fox 1x lever, the cable, housing and ferrel all feeds in to the barrel adjuster that is connected to the lever itself. For a Fox 2x lever, a barrel adjuster is a separate piece from the remote lever and must be installed now. Make sure to follow the instructions for installing your own remote lever even though they will be similar to the ones here.

How To: Install a Fox Transfer Post

8. Seat All Of The Housing And Remove Cable Slack

Now that all of the cable is housing is routed, its time to get the cable tension correct so that your dropper is working seamlessly. Pull the cable tight and tighten the pinch bolt on the remote lever using a 2mm allen key. Push the dropper lever 5 to 10 times to allow all of the housing to seat properly. Loosen the pinch bolt on the lever, pull the cable tight again to remove any unwanted slack and tighten the cable down again to 1.2 Nm (11 in-lbs). When tightening the cable, make sure to hold the lever in the full open position.

9.Cut And Crimp The Excess Cable

Cut the excess cable with the same cable cutters leaving approximately 8mm of cable showing. Crimp a cable end on to the end of the cable and tuck the end of the cable underneath the recess on the back of Fox 1x and 2x lever.

How To: Install a Fox Transfer Post

In the second photo below, the bike is flipped over so you can see the cable end tucked in behind the lever blade.

How To: Install a Fox Transfer Post

10. Check To Make Seatpost Actuation Is Responsive

Adjusting the cable tension will change the responsiveness of the dropper post action. If the seatpost does not feel responsive, you may need to use the barrel adjuster to remove any slack in the cable. If the cable tension is too tight, the dropper post will think the lever is always engaged and may not want to stay in the extended position while pedaling.   

How To: Fox Transfer Dopper Post - Worldwide Cyclery

To learn more about which dropper post is best for you, check out our Dropper Post Comparison Video!

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