Fox Shox Float DPS Rear Shock: Customer Review

Upgrading the suspension on your bike is one of the most enjoyable upgrades because you can literally feel the change right away. Whether you go coil or air, the options are endless. Our customer Bryan decided to go with the Fox Shox Float DPS specifically for his Specialized Stumpjumper. So far he is thrilled with it, check out his review for more! 

Fox Shox Float DPS Rear Shock


When you buy a new bike, your first thought is always, “what do I upgrade first?” Face it, it’s the reality of mountain biking. Unless you are that guy who makes a ton of cash, has no kids, and no wife reminding you that the proper way to refer to the rule N + 1 is S - 1, you are going to spend the least amount of reportable cash you can. Now that’s not to say you “can’t” spend it, just you need to get creative. In my case, that meant a bottom end bike and upgrading it over time and what better platform to start on than the 2019 Specialized Stumpjumper 29 ST!

When I began to look at shocks to replace the factory X-Fusion air spring.. Err.. shock… on my Stumpjumper ST 29, I knew I would be limited with only two options, Cane Creek or Fox. I have ridden Fox products for over ten years, and they are my go-to brand for anything suspension related. When I bought my Stumpy, my goal was always to upgrade to a Fox Factory series air shock. I’ve heard Fox Factory series shocks are the cream of the crop when it comes to shocks… plush, tunable and just plain amazing! They are on top end bikes for a valid reason. But finding one that fit the Stumpjumper ST 29 was not going to be easy. As I began to scour the interwebs for options I stumbled across Worldwide Cyclery. I had never purchased anything from them before, but they had some stellar reviews. After some simple searching through their website, I discovered they had it, a Fox Factory Float DPS specifically sized for the Stumpjumper St and it wasn’t stupid expensive! Special order yes...but I didn’t care...It was priced the same as the Cane Creek, but it was FOX!

Fox Shox Float DPS Shock Review


Two weeks later, the shock came in the mail. The shock came with all hardware necessary to fit the shock since it was a special order for my specific bike. Not having to order mounting hardware was definitely a plus since I would have had to order it with the Cane Creek shock. It installed in only a few minutes, and after torquing the hardware to spec, I aired up the shock and began the tuning process. I set the sag to 30%, (my normal starting point) and eventually settled on a 25 % sag. I’ve ridden several Fox shocks in the past, but none with DPS. The Fox DPS shock has no actual lockout in the sense the shock “locks” out. The shock has three settings, Open, Medium and Firm, with the Firm setting being exactly what it sounds like, firm. Unlike the prior Fox lockouts, the shock will cycle in the firm setting if it takes a heavy hit. This will save the internals I’m sure and it’s a welcome feature. I found that once I dialed in the rebound I never used the firm setting and I tend to switch the shock between Medium and Open settings on climbs. The shock is ten times better than the factory shock that came on my bike and it’s very sensitive to small bumps thanks largely in part to that Fox Kashima coating. This sensitivity allows the bike to just roll over rocks and bumps, but it still takes hits like a champ! I have ridden several other Fox shocks, (RP23, CTD, and a Pushed Float,) and this shock blows them out of the water in terms of overall small bump performance. It very much lives up to the hype and I am very pleased with it!

Fox Shox Float DPS Shock Review

Final Thoughts

I truly can’t say enough how amazing Worldwide Cyclery has been. Online shops can be creative with how the market themselves. I truly believe these guys ride and know the struggles those of us who build and maintain our own bikes deal with. Yes, we understand the need to support the LBS, but we also know the ease and pride that working on your own bike can bring. It heightens the connection you have with the bike and you appreciate each bump, jump, crash and scratch you experience. The bike truly becomes a part of you.

I have a long way to go in the transformation of my Stumpy. Wheels and drivetrain are next on the list and I am sure Worldwide Cyclery will be my first go to shop! If you’re unsure, don’t be… The experience I have had with WWC beats out on nearly every LBS I have had in the past.

Cheers Friends… go forth and ride!

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September 08, 2018

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