Fox Shox 36 180mm GRIP2 Fork: Customer Review

The Fox Shox 36 fork has made a name for itself as one of the top enduro forks on the market. The combination of reliability, strength, and adjustability, make it ideal for any rider looking for a bit extra up front. In this review, our customer Jean Paul purchases one for his Cannondale and has had nothing but positive things to say. Check it out!

Fox Shox 36 Fork Review


Well, now that I have had the Fox Shox 36 GRIP2 2019 180mm EVOL Orange, I can write a comparison with my “old” Fox 36 2018 170mm RC2 EVOL.

First of all, I would like to say that since I got the 2018 Fox Shox 36 fork in orange I thought I would want a different color but it simply looks awesome! So for this year, I got it in orange as well.

Fox Shox 36 Fork Review


Second and entering on the feeling of this fork, I can’t really tell anything bad about the 2019 Fox 36 GRIP2 EVOL. The last few version have been incredible and this one is no different. Once you get it all dialed and tuned correctly, you can feel how well it works all round; the HSC/LSC is easier to set this year and you can actually feel the differences between settings. This makes the fork much more sensitive at the beginning of the travel and when passing small bumps and rocks, with a great midstroke and also excellent end stroke! All of this translates into something very simple which is the main thing everyone looks for when riding: more traction and grip everywhere! (bumps, corners, braking, rock gardens!) All of which makes my arms less tired! What a great product from Fox once again!

Fox Shox 36 Fork Review

Final Thoughts

Obviously and as always, this great product was delivered perfectly by Worldwide Cyclery and their great customer service, which is the best out there!

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September 14, 2018

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