KS LEV DX Dropper Seatpost 30.9 x 150mm: Customer Review

One vital part of a comfortable mountain bike ride is the seatpost position. That will be determined by not only the posts max seat height for the climb up but also how low you can get it for the descent. This is where a dropper post is a great upgrade for any bike. One of our customers  Emily Whittington Neese gives us his experience with the KS LEV DX dropper seatpost. Check it out!

KS LEV DX dropper seatpost


I ride a Santa Cruz Tallboy LT, which I purchased in about 2014 before dropper posts were standard on most trail bikes. Naturally, it’s not set up for an internally-routed dropper so I did a lot of searching for a good dropper that could be mounted externally. As most new trail bikes are now internally-routed, a solid external setup is becoming harder to find. 

KSLEV DX dropper seatpost

After some research and chatting with friends and mechanics, I landed on the KS LEV DX and I’ve been very pleased with the choice. I’m 6’0 and opted for the 150mm, which I think was a good choice. The 150 gives me plenty to work with. Be sure to check with the manufacturer so you order the right diameter (if you don’t already know) to ensure it’s compatible. For my Tallboy LT, 30.9 ended up being the size I needed.

KS LEV DX dropper seatpost
I haven’t yet put it through what I would consider the “full paces,” but it’s been on a 20+ mile ride in some pretty technical lava rock (I was very glad to have it), as well as a few outings on some mellower and flowier, but varied terrain. In both situations, the LEV performed well. The remote is easy to operate and the post responds quickly. The remote also gives you options for mounting, which is good if you’re still running 3x like me.

KS LEV DX dropper seatpost

Final Thoughts

The bottom line is if you’re riding trails that are varied and frankly like to have fun on your bike, a dropper is a must. If you’re looking for an externally-routed dropper that is solid yet won’t break the bank, the KS-LEV is a great choice.

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September 14, 2018

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