Fox Racing Low Pro Hydration Pack: Rider Review

There are a few things you do without on a ride but water is not one of those.....or at least it's not a good idea. There are a few ways to carry it, either on your bike or on your person in the form of a hydration pack. One of our valued customers Joseph Miller shares his experience with the Fox Racing Low Pro Hydration pack. Check it out!

Fox Racing Low Pro Hydration Pack


After my extensive research for a hydration pack that was light, small and room for a bike tool or two I decided to take a chance on the Fox Low Pro Hydration Pack. So I bought two. One for myself and the other for my beautiful wife. The Fox low pro hydration pack is a minimalist hydration pack that fits comfortably and lessens the weight load when compared to a small regular hydration backpack like the Camel Pack Lobo. There is plenty of room for at least two 16 oz bottles of water which is plenty of water for a quick MTB ride. Trust me we live in the desert and temperatures in El Paso, Texas can get brutal. The hydration pouch is easy to use. The pouch folds at the top and a plastic fastener slides over the folded pouch to allow a watertight seal.

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A couple of improvements we recommend would be to upgrade the mouthpiece at the end of the water hose. It was somewhat difficult to suck the water we switched out the mouthpiece for one that was a lot easier to open and close. The other improvement would probably be a shorter hose, considering that the hose drapes across your chest. It would be nice if the hose was shorter and stayed on the right side of the hydration pack. I’m not complaining, I love this trusty pack.

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If you happen to get hungry there is plenty of room for a granola bar that can be stored in the diagonal zipper pouch or the pouch just below it. If you're a weight weenie then I recommend this pack. Not much of a weight weenie myself but I do love that the Fox Racing Low Pro Hydration Pack offers the rider a simpler option for carrying only the essentials. CO2 cartridge, granola bar, multi-tool, and oh yea some TP...just in case.
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January 09, 2019

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