Customer Review: Deity T-Mac Signature Flat Pedals

Here in this review, one of our customers praises the Deity T-Mac Signature flat pedals for having crazy amounts of grip and looking good while doing it. Deity offers a full lineup off pedals to suit each and everyone's riding preferences. Check out this review!

Deity T Mac Pedal Review

These Deity T-Mac Signature pedals are by far the best flats I've ever used. Most recently I have owned pairs of the Spank Ooozy, Spank Spike, and Specialized Bennies and so far, none of them hold my feet as well as the T-Macs. The reason why they seem to hold my feet better than the others are threefold. First, the platform is pretty huge. This large footprint allows me to make quick changes in my stance without sacrificing grip. Second, the concave of this pedal is nice and pronounced; so with the right shoe, your foot gets cradled inside like a bird in a nest. Finally, the type of traction pins and length are perfect for death gripping onto your soles.

For its size, the pedals come in at a reasonable weight. They seem to be really dependable too. I've had the Deity T-Mac Signature pedals in red for only a month, but I had green ones for over a year and during that time they made no noises and didn't need any servicing.

Deity TMAC Signature Pedals

To sum up, here are some pros and cons:

Pros: They're built like a tank and seem indestructible. They seem to be low maintenance and trouble free (I'll need another year on them to have a definite opinion on that). The pins grip your shoes like crazy. The concave cradles your sole nicely. They have the sickest paint job in the industry.

Cons: The huge pedal platform can be more prone to pedal strikes. I have 170mm cranks and don't really have an issue with this, but a buddy of mine has T-Macs on 175mm cranks and pedal strikes a lot. This has more to do with the bike and crank length than the pedals, but a larger platform can only strike more than a smaller one. One of the pros to the pedal was the grippy pins, but since the pins stick so well, if you get a pedal bite with these, there will be blood. I feel this is a general con of all aggressive flat pedals though, not necessarily unique to T-Macs. (In contrast, Spank Ooozys for example have blunt and unthreaded spike contacts which don't bite into your skin, but don't grip as well either. So there's always a trade off.)

 Deity TMAC Signature Pedals

December 22, 2017

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