SRAM Code RSC Disc Brake: Rider Review

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Brakes are the single most important part on a bike, without them we would be riding down trails out of control instead of joyfully descending at high speeds. Having the right set can certainly make or break your day. Read on as our friend Carlo tells us about his new set and why he chose them.


When you plan on building your first bike build, you can pick and choose the parts for your dream build. That’s the reason I chose the SRAM Code RSC brakes. I came across the Code RSC when I swapped bikes with my brother. He has a Santa Cruz Hightower LT with all the bells and whistles but most importantly the Code RSC brakes.

Talk about braking power! That four-piston caliper can stop on a dime and then some. The SRAM Code RSC brakes have the sweet combination of power and consistency when I was riding at my local trails in Corona Hills and Chino Hills. Those trails have loose dirt everywhere so having the stopping power is a must. I was sold and that is when I realized you can’t overlook when it comes to brakes. The secret to SRAM Code RSC’s is the swing link arm that connects the lever to the main lever piston. Using a cam size profile, it alters the effective leverage that the lever has over the piston and this makes the Code RSC brakes a step above a handful of other brakes on the market.

Code RSC Review Worldwide Cyclery


The Code RSC brakes have the same design as the Guide brakes but it has the larger fluid reservoir and 4 pistons that give you even more power and better heat management. The control of the brake power is very impressive It has plenty of stopping power when you need it and most importantly, it remains consistent!

Code RSC Review Worldwide Cyclery


On long descents, I’ll sometimes need to throw a few fingers on my Shimano brakes, but I haven’t come close to needing to on the Codes. I can easily apply a little nudge or a lot of power without breaking traction. I’ve found myself laying off the brakes for longer and braking harder into corners because I know the power will be there when I need it. These brakes are great for any trail. I’m sure I will have no problems if I ever descend down Mt. Fuji or Mt.!

My brother had the previous Codes and those were the worst brakes he had ever had. Those brakes were not strong at all. The braking power of the new Code RSCs feels like a lot like the Guide brakes he tried before on his friend's bike but with much more overall strength.

On long, steep descents, he sometimes needs to throw a second finger on a Guide lever, but he hasn’t come close to needing to on his Codes RSC. With the latest Code, SRAM has created a brake that combines impressive power with even more impressive modulation. It’s kind of like a Guide on the speed with one that feels more solid and consistent all-round. Combined with the Code’s excellent lever feel and fine-tuned control, this is far more than just a downhill-only brake, it’s my go-to brake.

Final Thoughts:

I will be using the SRAM Code RSC on a Yeti SB 5.5. It has the sweet rainbow color or what I call the oil slick look and my wife and daughter are loving it. Now that I have my brakes, I need a groupset. Mechanical or electronic?

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February 17, 2020

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