FOX 34 Factory Suspension Fork [Rider Review]

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When wanting to achieve a balance between light but high performing suspension, Fox hits it on the head with the Fox 34. Still light enough to be competitive in XC race, but still handles downhills like a champ. Our customer installed the 34 on their Ibis, see what they think!

FOX 34 Factory


When I got the opportunity to build a bike from the frame up, I knew from the start I wanted to put the GRIP2 version of the FOX Factory 34 fork on it. Knowing this would be a downcountry build, the 130mm travel on the 34 fit exactly what I was looking for. The majority of our trails here in Florida aren't overly gnarly so a lightweight, short Travel bike is perfect. After dialing the fork in on the 1st few rides, I knew the 34 was the right choice. Smooth over the bumps and the rebound works perfectly. I can hear the fork working to absorb the roots and rocks. I have tested the 34 on mild to gravity driven trails to the toughest 7 miles we have in the area. Performance was excellent over all terrain tackled so far. In comparison to the Rock Shox forks I've run on my other bike, the Fox 34 runs just about neck and neck. The advantage it has is based in the grip 2 technology. Having the ability to fine tune so many settings allows any level of rider to make this fork work exactly how they need it to. Versatility is always a plus when riding varied terrain and Fox has provided exactly that with the 34. Becoming a better rider can happen with the right gear and minimal adjustments. I have a feeling spending time on this bike with this fork is going to propel my riding ability to the next level.

There are plenty of riders out there who have strong brand loyalty. I'm not one of them. Different bikes with different components, forks included, provide riding experience you can't get sticking with one brand. Challenging yourself on your bike is key to becoming a better rider. This fork is already teaching me how to attack trails I already know like the back of my hand. To me, that brings the joy of riding back. With all of that being said, stop limiting yourself by sticking with one brand of fork and shock! You'll probably surprise yourself by branching out!

FOX 34 Factory

As a bonus, the Fox orange matches really well with the color scheme I chose for this build. I had my mind set on purple components until the frame arrived and the logo was orange. Lucky me....Fox LOVES to show off their orange! Let's not forget that FOX makes some of the sleekest, sexiest looking forks on the market. Smooth lines, tempting curves and that beautiful Kashima coating! There's definitely something about the look of gold...

***chef's kiss***

Sorry, got a little carried away there!

I'm really looking forward to putting it through its paces on my next trip to NC. I have a feeling the 34 will make a trip down Ridgeline in Dupont State Forest exhilarating. The 34 is built perfectly for super flowy, gravity powered, downhill rides and Ridgeline is exactly that.

Final Thoughts

Bottom far I absolutely love this fork and can't wait to rack up more miles riding with this beauty on the front of my Ripley.

FOX 34 Factory

June 06, 2023

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