100% R-Core X [Rider Review]

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100% is a very recognizable company not only with the name but along with the quality of the products. Their R-Core X gear is sought after to be lightweight yet durable for any of the DH tracks. Along with being comfortable with the BOA system. Our customer has been rocking them, see what they think!

100% R-Core X


So I'm gonna tell you a bit about these shorts I purchased a few weeks back. These are the 100% R core X shorts. So I've been riding now for about 10 years now. And all of my riding has been in Southern California. And throughout the years I've tried many different types of shorts. From the most expensive name brand shorts out there to the least expensive. And from trying out at least 6 or 7 different shorts there was always something about the short I wasn't completely happy about. They either didn't have the best fit or they would start falling off during climbs or fast dh riding. And finally happy to say I found the perfect shorts for me!!

Let's start off with the first thing I noticed which was the pockets. The pocket placement on these are just perfect! So I when put my phone or wallet in these they set of to the side of my leg and not directly on my thigh. Having my phone on my thigh always bugged me and didn't make climbing and pedaling the best combo. With these pockets it seems like I don't even notice I have something in my pockets. I loved this part of the shorts. Something that might not be a big deal to others but I always like to have my phone in my pocket.

The other things I really loved about these shorts is the fitment. These have a nice flex material with nice hole vents that keeps me nice and cool during hot long climbs. Keep in mind i live in SoCal where most of us have to climb and pedal to get some nice downhills. Unless you're riding an Ebike where you can basically wear cowboy boots with some tight Levi's and still be cool climbing. These shorts have the perfect materials that really don't restrict you from and riding. Whether it's some tough climbs or some gnarly downhill fun! I didn't wanna give a review on these until I had ridden with them at least five times and put them under the worst riding conditions. And in San Diego we pretty much get a little bit of every weather condition you can think of and these definitely passed the test.

Last but not least the thing I was most stoked about was the tightening system they used on these. As I mentioned before the thing that mostly always bugged me was my shorts always coming lose and always having to stop to pull them up. My last pair of Troy Lee shorts with the velcro strap....is no good. Always coming down or Velcro just simply couldn't handle my belly fat and pop!!! Completely off...how this pissed me off. The other system I did like was from a pair of Raceface. They had a pretty cool vinyl strap pull that would ratchet and tie up. But these were super uncomfortable and heavy. Always felt like I was wearing pants on.

Final Thoughts

This 100% short system is actually 100% haha!! It's a small turn knob that's super easy & cool to use. With a click in you turn the knob and tighten pretty much as tight as you want. Pop the button out at release tension. This has been super easy to use and makes my riding so much better. 100% better

100% R-Core X

June 07, 2023

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