Coil Shock vs. Air Shock, New High-Pivot MTBs, When To Stop Upgrading Your Bike & More... Ep. 113 [Podcast]

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On today's episode of the MTB Podcast, we discuss a couple of new high-pivot MTBs from Deviate and Forbidden before jumping into a classic array of listener questions ranging from when to stop upgrading your well loved bike, to coil vs air shocks, future Trail One products, and everything in between. Tune in!


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ladies and gentlemen welcome to episode 113 of the MTB podcast presented and


hosted by a worldwide Cyclery I am Jared I am Jeff and I'm Liam and I've


completely forgot to write the little intro script thing that I normally do because we're recording this on Friday


and we normally do it on Tuesdays and we've already made our first mistake I


could have ripped it and they would have never known well in this episode we're going to discuss forbidden bikes they've


got a new bike as well as deviate bikes they also have a new bike two notable interesting High pivot mountain bikes


that are pretty cool to talk about and of course the usual listener questions that are ranging from when to stop


upgrading your bike do crank sets actually have an effect on how your bike rides uh let's see what else what else


is in here putting a coil on your bike um toilet paper techniques toilet paper


techniques yeah I don't know that's that's about being the that's my that's my gist but we're gonna do our best to


entertain and educate our fellow mountain bikers that is you all listening so thanks for listening


prepare for some mountain bike knowledge by the way reminder this podcast is available on all podcast platforms as


well as YouTube and you can watch our live videos of us on YouTube or at least the most popular podcast


platforms I'm sure there's one out there that's well I listened to pod Platt and you're not on there


short for podcast platform maybe maybe don't look at me like that I don't like


it all right High pivot bikes that's something we went super in depth with uh


what episode We Go episode 92 92 95 is 90 something 91. yeah I have no clue


Nico had a lot of interesting uh sort of things to talk about high pivot stuff because he's he's the downhill racer


World Cup level downhill racer that we're all friends with and sponsor and he's creating his own bike that he raced


all last season and began to race this season until he wrecked you know he wrecked himself before he checked


himself but he'll be back but his uh he has a lot of knowledge and understanding around suspension kinematics as any you


know really nerdy bike nerd racer would and when he was building his own bike he was testing back to back the same bike


one high pivot one knot a lot of good stuff on that episode if you want to learn more about high pivot it was episode 91 by the way 91. okay thank you


the gist of it is that uh it's the the whole idea is it just makes the


suspension work better makes it feel as if the bike has no chain on it it doesn't get hung up uh it uh helps it


under braking also has a more rearward axle path yeah which if that does have a


if a suspension design does have a rearward axle path without a idler pulley you will then


feel the chain yeah so there's benefits there's a lot of benefits to a rear World rear word


that's a hard thing to say it's like real world real world it's a lot of benefits to the


rearward axle path uh however the those benefits get


screwed up if you have a chain on the bike and most people ride with chains so the idea was how do we get this axle


path and the benefits from it without the downsides and that's where the whole High pivot thing came from


forbidden and deviate are probably the two most prominent brands that were really on top of this suspension design


early on right I'd say two most prominent trail bike brands yeah true yeah yeah because downhill bike is a


whole different scenario what Canfield Bros Canfield 30 years ago a long time common Saul's used it for a long time so


um even the Honda bike used some type of idler pulley thing mixed in the gearbox so I think it I also think we might have


too yeah I don't remember that was a while ago but in the downhill world where you have longer travel bikes going a lot faster this is where the stuff


gets even more important but as Enduro bikes as people ride them faster as they become more capable and as they get


longer travel and they can still pedal up hills well that's where a lot of people that we put High pivot suspension


designs on trail bikes and Enduro bikes and forbidden and deviate were two of the brands that kind of came out of the


gate with that setup which is cool and they've been doing super well and those bikes ride well and forbidden so new


Druid yeah well actually it'll start all the Deeds yeah well I do but let's also


start with saying that we are now caring forbidden bikes true which is news Round


of Applause our boss uh yeah pretty exciting so that is cool yeah it is exciting though it is


it is our job to curate the best mountain bikes and mountain bike components and gear and uh that's a


brand that we've kind of been eyeing for a long time and finally pulled it off so yeah stoked on that so stoked we are


getting bikes in as we speak and uh yeah if you have any questions or you want to pre-order something uh shoot us an email


but uh never get a high pivot bike Jeff yeah absolutely nice yeah actually looking looking at these two bikes right


uh today I was like man these look so good and that new forbidden just looks amazing like a yeah I'm definitely


interested we do have a 140 plus Mill travel we have a Dreadnought uh on the


way for testing so that's a 150 rear travel yeah that I really want to ride and then I want to ride that back to


back against that deviate which you wrote the deviate I love the Claymore the Claymore yeah the longer travel that


was a really fun bike yeah and you guys made a YouTube video about that um yeah check that out if you're curious


it did feel Shameless to an extent like that yeah that's how good the rear suspension worked and even on like


technical climbs I was like Blown Away uh how much traction and was just like how well it scooted up Tech times


um but yeah those those are the types of bikes that the faster you go and the more you're


sort of pushing your own limits on the bike riding down steeper stuff rougher stuff or in racing scenarios where


you're under really hard braking in different scenarios and and it's super rough that's where High pivot starts to


really shine yeah and you go whoa this is nice I like this it was really nice yeah yeah so I'm pretty Keen to try the


Forbidden Druid and Dreadnought but they both seem like super sick bikes yeah so with


forbidden they released a new Druid V2 this past week


um where their Druid was the original bike that they came out with a couple years ago that kind of I think it was


their only bike they launched when they launched a brand um so they came on the V2 where they


actually changed up the suspension design a little bit and um they added a pivot near the rear axle


which helps tune both Anti Squat and Anti rise characteristics and just kind


of more fine-tune what they have going on back there with the high pivot design


um so yeah so like a single pivot single high pivot it's Now inverted four bar


right yeah that's what they said I haven't looked into it that's why I didn't want to say if it's inverted four


bar but I they did say that and I did read that um


so yeah it's a 1 30 rear travel 150 front uh modern Geo like you'd expect no


like weird stuff going on it has you know internal cable routing but not through the headset it's got udh


um kind of just standard stuff so stuff you would expect yeah and not on a


flagship premium level exactly mountain bike man they look so good it does look


really good the colors look really good the more I look at it I know I'm I'm pretty first it's just it's just such a


rare rad brand too that it makes me really interested in yeah yeah I need


that in my life it looks pretty rad bike looks good everyone has good things to say about it the brand is cool working


with them's been good so far so awesome um yeah everything looks good about it


yep definitely a bike and a brand worth checking out I'm just still continuously happy that there are small boutique


mountain bike brands that continue to push the limits and make amazing bikes


that are actually still usually almost always better than the big box brands because they're catering to a different


audience and they're going even higher end than it would make logical sense for a big box brand to do and it's just cool


that doesn't exists and Catering to a more Niche audience which you know can pinpoint what you like and that's why it


might perform better for you right yeah so it's honestly just like a lot more exciting to me personally when I see


like a new bike come out like this too because like I don't know for me if I see like a new Trek or giant or whatever specialized come out I'm just like


cool cool you know yeah nice you know like like Skunk Works


type deal you know like I don't know that yeah just like new Big Box bikes don't really excite me as much I guess


yeah so it also is 2929 and mullet compatible with this swap of a rear link


so or no your slip chip or something flip


yeah it's it's compatible one way or another I'm not I have to read in


exactly how they do that sick but yeah fanciness fanciness all right so deviate's new bike deviously the


Highlander 2 was the Highlander or the Claymore a more popular bike for deviant Claymore you think so yeah well it's


newer and they just really hit the nail in the head with that and um and I got some seriously good Enduro


World Series results with that bike they got good results with it they got a really good pink bike endorsement with it


um you know it is even though the Druid V2 is 130 travel and the Druid was also


130 rear travel high pivots really do shine with a little bit more travel I think


um so the Claymore has more travel it's 165 here I believe so it's a monster


um but the Highlander is a good bike and we had a demo and I spent probably like two months on that Highlander first


version and I really liked it it was a cool bike did everything pretty well but the Highlander 2


just kind of gets same updates um uh it's 145 rear travel so they split


difference between the two previous Highlander models 140 150 so 145 you


know slight slacker um as I have a 65 degree head tube angle 77


degree seat tube angle so the only thing about thailander 2 is it


does not have udh so if that is a stickler for someone then it does not


have UDA it does not have udh that's a bummer man but I really like the way deviant does their cable routing on


their front triangle it's like yeah that is nice fully external yet it's like hidden and tucked away


um so it's it's really clean I like like what they do there so yeah pretty sneaky


I wonder if udh it's I mean we kind of feel right now that oh your bike really


needs udh but I wonder how much that's going to end up mattering well we'll see because there's still a lot of great


trailers oh totally slap on there without udh a lot of people still all love and ride Shimano only and they


don't care at all of it at deviation so yeah I think it's just so in the news lately it's all on our mind but at the end of the day I don't think it matters


as much as maybe we're all in like feelings you don't ride access right now yeah I kind of like a mechanical


drivetrain you know that's only a normal normal derailleur Mount so it doesn't matter to you right now if it does have


udh or not yeah but like it is easy to travel that's what I was gonna say it's like you know a plus but you know yeah


having to find a a drailleur hanger for a deviate yeah it's almost less it's less about the T-Type compatibility


transmission Drive training more about just Universal availability there's one yeah we'll get to it later but with a


quote from a question later and this is are we going to be stuck in the hell of unique


which is totally reasonable yeah it is yeah it's it is honestly more about the availability and just like accessibility


to having a replacement than than the T-Type at this point too yeah um both these bikes just look so good


the high pivot setup in these these particular Brands just did a really good job with their design language and


everything that they're doing I actually think the Druid V2 took that up a notch from the V1 I still like the V1 but I


think the design cues of the V2 the angles the lines they rerouted the


where the chain goes so now it goes in the rear triangle instead of above it so yeah they also move The Idler Wheel back


so it has more chain wrap on that front chainring therefore not needing a lower chain guide so they helped reduce some


drag by eliminating that so yeah nice they look really good both of them I'm digging that yep I'm impressed


that's cool a lot of good bikes to choose from these days yeah too many yeah seriously and I already have too


many so I'm like yeah the good thing to remember is that buying really high-end mountain bikes uh


you know nine times out of ten if not nine point seven times out of ten is you're actually buying an asset it's kind of like buying a car you can resell


it for a reasonable amount true um it's not just throw away money so you're


actually buying an asset that then you can resell for a reasonable amount of money and not much depreciation so hopefully just something to remember


just another thing in Your Arsenal if your significant other is wondering why it's necessary to spend 10 grand on a


bike you can say whoa slow down listen here I can sell this for 7 500 and you know six months or a year you know yeah


yeah you can resell these things that's right so it's not throw away money no it's not


it's an asset put that stuff on your little net worth tracking document yeah you got that on you got all your bikes


on your net worth tracking documents definitely don't but it helps you go up like 20K one of them is cracked it's not really


worth anything I mean yeah well we won't even go there I cracked by my open there's the crack


in it you cracked it no I got it cracked remember it gets it is Carl's old bike


oh yeah it was a warranty situation yeah those guys are not mountain bikers are


not listening to this they're gravel guys no it's it's cool it has a little like a rock chip slash crack slash


whatever you want to call it it was a crash replacement it wasn't a warranty crash replacement yeah there you go it's


fine fine you're really making us look high class over here riding crash replacement bikes well you would never do that on a


mountain bike just on a yeah just just on the gravel would absolutely never do that on a mountain bike yeah


no you can be fine I'd Bunny Hop it off curb and stuff it's cool yeah yeah I don't have much room to talk since I was


riding that you really don't salsa Cut Throat that had the crack in the top tube that was entirely my fault from it blowing over in the wind and falling on


a rock um but that bike sold um which I'm really sad because I I already miss it it's been gone for three


days and I'm like whoa I need that bike back now uh you know you can you can spin this into a positive light you get


to build a new bike I know it just takes time and I just want it now two bikes you're gonna build that road the Rover


and another I'm gonna build a proper gravel bike and it takes more of my time more than his time right yeah to try and


ride real gravel bike and ride that Rebel Rover and then I'm gonna build another Cutthroat because that Cutthroat


is the funnest bike ever yeah just an ultra lightweight rigid mountain bike it's just a really fun bike I never know funnest bike ever in quotes maybe get


that on the engraved on the top tube yeah yeah I don't know yeah I'm gonna


set it to quite like that and I didn't know you were gonna be like the media and spin me out of context yeah that is


fully in context I know


it's so fun this is yeah I don't I don't doubt you I love my gravel bike too and


I'm sure you know flat bars great yep it is all right this is a good question and I think it's


probably relevant to a lot of people yeah super relatable at what point do you stop upgrading an older bike you


love and break the bank on a new ride so well you're not breaking the bank


you're getting an asset yeah yeah we just told you that you're just reallocating the bank so the the


gentleman goes on to say riding a 2016 Trek fuel ex 9.8 that I have changed to


a one by had a carbon crack repair on the frame new Wheels a few services on


the suspension and two service bike rebuilds I love the Geo of the bike and how it


rides but lately I've been considering an upgrade


well I was first thinking wow 2016 the Geo is getting getting a little bit


dated there a little bit new bikes do Rod very differently I think that a lot of this comes down to personal


preference of course and what would help you decide is if you go to a demo event


yeah yeah and you ride the latest and greatest and if you think man


I think these are so much better I'm gonna have to buy one then that's what you think and if you ride and you're like


I don't know didn't notice it that much I still like my old bike then there's your answer this guy should go to the Sedona mountain bike Festival next year


or outer bike or outer bike going on this year and then you can pick the bike but to me it sounds like this guy's


gotten a lot of use out of this thing a lot of Life a lot of Life a lot he's still riding a 2016 Trek fuel good on


you maintained it and upgraded the drivetrain and service the suspension yeah I mean 2016 you know in in my world


that is like the suspension on that the Geo on that all that stuff is just so dated and but I mean


I had a 2015 uh was a V2 or V3 Nomad and


I mean that's still a great bike like if you just take it for what it is like yeah obviously if you're comparing it to


something brand new it's like you're gonna notice some differences but like I'm sure this guy's still having a blast on this thing like in Geo is still


probably fun you can always have a blast on anything right that rolls exactly the funnest bike ever is a 90s sound bike so


but you know I'm saying um but to me it's like you know if if you're riding


all the time and you feel like you kind of are reaching the end of life or not even that but like you got your money's


worth like maybe it's time to invest in a new ride but yeah I mean I'd I'd say it definitely is


preference and I was going to say go out and try other bikes try new bikes try different types of bikes try you know


bikes that are super slack and long try bikes that are you know kind of just in the Middle High pivots like there's a


lot of stuff to choose from now um and geometry has come a long way and suspensions come along


when I read the word 2016 I just think man I remember how


suspension felt then yeah and it was way it was just Way Beyond it was just way more rigid way less Progressive I mean


it just did not it was Pogo sticky just wasn't as good there's been a lot of changes in suspension since then yeah


100 yep that's what I I guess yeah it's like what seven years ago and probably yeah that's crazy and he also just to


like put it out there you might feel like your first few rides on a brand new 2023 bike might feel weird because they


are so long and slack and different that you know it might feel foreign at first


um but you know there's a reason why they've gone that way so yeah just gotta give them a few rides I think the best


test is to just go ride the latest and greatest and see if it really if it blows your socks off and you think you


gotta have it because it's going to be that much more fun and capable and useful and awesome as a bike to ride yeah then heck yeah do it or if you


think yeah it hasn't changed that much then there's your answer I mean a normal bike that's kind of great it's kind of


what happened to me like uh years ago before I started working here I had like a 2012 Santa Cruz Blair 26 or you know


like 2x10 or whatever and I did a Santa Cruz Factory demo I demoed a new Nomad and I it blew my socks off like you said


I was like oh my God this is horrible I need one of these now and like I kept on breaking stuff on the blur and I was


like oh man you know like this thing is just not not built for it um but yeah I kind of opened my eyes and


like fast forward to when I started working on worldwide and I had the Nomad and I wrote a new like brand new SB 150


and the same thing happened I was like oh man this thing blew that thing out of the water like so yeah that'll probably happen every few years if you're at a


bike that's you know several years old I guess let's hope because that means that bike Innovation continues to progress in the


right direction and blows the socks off of people and they have to get something new yeah so we'll see or we had a


product Innovation Plateau only time will tell we'll see I have a feeling we're not though yeah I mean it's hard


to predict things like that yeah if you had the answers to that you would be a much wealthier man wouldn't we all


foreign how about this one do uh crank sets really have an effect on your bike's


performance currently bike my bike has a Race Face effect crank and it's fought its fair share of rocks so I'm


considering upgrading but other than weight are there any performance benefits to higher end cranks


um yeah I mean they can be stiffer for sure yeah so that could be a thing the affect though there's two affect cranks


there's I think there's one with the 24 mil spindle with a 30 ml spin oh yeah eight or yeah I think so depending on


which one you have that might also like put you in a slight different category of where that sits you know kind of on


the the the chain going upwards um [Music] yeah I mean weight to me is the biggest


weight's definitely the biggest and then Aesthetics is I mean that's kind of personality I also think if you can


remember back to riding really cheap cranks and then changing the cranks on that exact bike to a really higher end


one that's much stiffer that makes that bike feel way different totally you don't realize how much cranks are just


flexing like noodles when you have lower end cranks until you put on higher end carbon cranks for sure but uh we all


ride high-end stuff so we maybe have forgotten that but I remember viscerally when I was younger a teenager you know


and I got new cranks that were way higher end my first carbon cranks and I just thought holy crap these are so


stiff this makes my bike feel more powerful like you can just feel at every pedal stroke how much less Flex there is


in those cranks and that is cool and meaningful totally yes it does yeah um


going from like a mid-range crank to a high-end crank maybe not as much but if you're on like the full-blown low end


spectrum and you go to the high-end Spectrum anyone can notice a difference in the flex and how that feels and performs that's kind of being two pounds


yeah that's kind of where I was saying is affect is kind of just around that mid-level yeah it's already pretty nice


so you know going from afact to the highest end like you might not notice a huge difference but there is going to be


a performance increase with stiffness yeah um I remember doing that on a uh Old


Road or mountain bike when I was racing like a lower level because what I could afford and I was just like upgrading stuff as I got close to Race season and


I finally put on like EXO or XX carbon cranks compared to whatever was on there and I'm like oh yeah like this is insane


the way it feels like 30 mil spindles stiffer crank arms like all of it made a huge huge difference so totally


yeah honestly even going from like an apex to the turbine the new turbine crank is is pretty sick it's still an aluminum crank and yeah um yeah and then


experiment with different lengths too cranks are going a little shorter like you might have a 175 a fat crank yeah


and now 170 is the norm 165s kind of creeping in to be like the new 170 so


yeah there you go that's another benefit that is another benefit I remember


I still just am remembering when I had cheap cranks and made nicer cranks you know what I also remember is e13 which


they still do to make these ultra light cranks they used to make extremely lightweight aluminum cranks uh that were


targeted towards the the XC side of things and they were expensive and they were the noodles cranks they were so


noodly it was it was Unreal and I I had them on a it was a dirt jump bike but it was actually a banshee a Banshee amp it


was a dirt jump bike but also a four cross bike and I was kind of using it interchangeably between the two and I


had those cranks on there I kind of always knew they were flexi but then I ended up when I started just like I want


to race four cross on this more I put Saint cranks on there nice it was like it was told nine day difference night


and day yeah comically I had no idea lightweight cranks on the high end of


all gone carbon and that helps them but man when back in the day you know 15 years ago I must have been 12 years ago


when Brands were trying to make the lightest possible aluminum cranks yeah that's just a that's a a noodle waiting


to happen yep checks out anyways all right well we need to take a short intermission how about an ad IP


and now a word from our sponsors hello mountain bikers Jeff again just wanted to quickly ask you for a favor I


genuinely appreciate if you could check out Trail one components Trail one is a brand we co-founded and one I personally


worked on Crafting the founding team which is allowing myself and our crew here to design the stuff we've always


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truly support the sport of mountain biking by giving back to Trail networks with every single purchase we have a


growing line of products which can be seen on the worldwide Cyclery website as well as at Trail one dot bike speaking


of which if you use the code podcast 25 on the trail one website you can snag 25


off your first order that's Trail one dot bike thank you and now back to the


show thank you


if you watch this podcast on YouTube you can see all of the cocktails that I make


oh or that never tastes good but look cool such as this one with a horrible


strawberries and gin they don't want to be kind I'm just not that good at making coffee mine's pretty darn good one day


we'll rain today we did have espresso martinis earlier we got stuff to make espresso martinis it's the hot cocktail


these days yep we made a couple and they're delicious cheers big on uh following Instagram and Tick Tock Trends


that's not true so martinis not true at all I do not follow that stuff he actually sent me a link to a tick tock


with espresso martinis this morning get out of here so we should we should have these on the Mountainside he has the


worst the worst co-hosts ever or the best read


this next question be directed towards you yeah dear Jared you should bring Bean onto the podcast to give some meows


of advice on the best sell for felines I totally agree also is Trail one ever going to make petals or chain Rings well


Liam Trail one hang on I gotta stop oh no


I got what The Rock was for yeah I got pet rock the fourth


the occasional mention of Jared's cat bean and then somehow Pet Rocks got


mentioned and we just keep getting pummeled in the comments and the questions about pet rocks and mostly


being content and being uh Jared's cat and now Liam has a giant rock in his


hand if you're watching this on YouTube and he painted did you paint that yeah


took the time to paint that little paint pen can't go until the fourth where's the first three he probably ruined a


whole an entire paint pen doing that so you're gonna take that right off eat it take care of it they're expensive


this is a huge commitment you have Liam you have to take care of that now but do you you guys aren't even appreciating


lentil like is that supposed to be a nod to the bean Queen it's the king of bean this is in


charge of bean oh because it's King lentil but C Bean is the queen so I


guess they're doing it together somehow she's a princess write it in all right all right you're way off to the mountain


bike is Trail one ever gonna make pedals or chain rings the answer is yes uh we actually have a


pedal that's already been designed and in production right now and it's awesome that's super exciting composite and it


looks rad and I'm really excited to introduce that to the world we're gonna do an aluminum version yeah we'll do an


aluminum version as well nice uh crazy high-end sea and Seed one so you know we gotta we've got to cover the bases gotta


have a super high end cnc'd alloy version and then a nice good composite one that's at a totally different price


point mid and high nice yeah


um chain Rings we've thought about it I have a generous visual cool design but then it's like other people make


good chainrings and then you're like you know we also work closely with the manufacturers and they don't love


third-party chance mess I don't know I don't know if I want to get into that right now yeah there's just a lot of weird patent Minefield stuff around


chainrings that doesn't exist amongst other components because there's that whole uh saram x-sync thing that had to


do with the narrow wide chainring yeah um I don't know there's just some weird chainring shenanigans that not really


sure if it's a necessary product to make if anyone listening to this has any really interesting ideas or thoughts on


chainrings let us know yeah I'm very curious yeah but also on this question


is this person asking for the best saddle for felines for cats or felines for like female mountain bike riders or


best Saddles the best saddle for future they mean cats so that's a joke I think so okay yeah moving on moving on


what do you think is the worst thing a person can put in their bio on a dating


app zodiac sign really I mean yeah that's definitely like a red flag for sure run if someone


asks you zodiac sign run someone asked you what time they're born run faster


what's your sign


Jared did you like realign your chakras touche um I'm gonna say any sort of like


political affiliation like that's that's kind of like you have to save that kind


of stuff I think that weeds out 50 of the pieces so well so does your zodiac sign I guess maybe even 75 but I don't


know you don't want to be like straight off the bat you know like I'm hardcore this or that you're gonna


alienate people like off the bat that you could get along with and then yeah but if you're a super polarizing


political person on either side wouldn't you want to just alienate the other ones so you don't bother with them I don't


know I mean you can coexist with someone and not share the same political ideologies that's a very my parents are


hard my dad is super conservative and my mom is like the other end of the spectrum you know your your parents are one of


the bright spots in America thank you yeah I really appreciate that the fact that they have totally different political views and they've been happily


married that's good oh she did say some stuff like if you've over Donald Trump I will divorce you


she did say some stuff like that but you know like this peacefully and currently on a road trip across


America yep yeah yeah speaking which I just went to a new dentist yesterday oh nice so Jared's dad is my dentist for my


literally my entire life and my family's dentist so how was it long before I even met Jared and his dad retired so I have


to find a new dentist nice great yeah not great I mean obviously not as good as my dad well that's that's you know I


mean yeah your dad was a fantastic best dentist in the world didn't even need to even throw that out there but that that


he there was even a comparison because the best part is you don't even know where you're gonna go for dental work now no I thought about just doing it


myself why doesn't your dad just like just give


you the old you know Sun special just come over because he doesn't like do cleanings like you know that's all I


really want is like you know he can tell me that's something jacked up but like I'm not gonna make him clean my teeth don't go get something you know I'll


have somebody do that all right we are off topic anyways yeah how about the next question once again yeah


I think I recall you guys mentioning some MTB specific wait no you didn't


answer it the dating app question I don't know the right answer for that oh come on just


what's the first thing that comes to your head you're scrolling through you see a potential mate and you think oh


God but there's that in the bio like she likes rock climbing maybe if maybe if


there's a request of uh I'll only DM you back if you make over if you make oh


yeah like you gotta be over six feet make over six figures yeah exactly if


that's in there I'm like 100 yeah that's like zero interest depending on where you live six figures it's just like


cool you can almost afford a mortgage right are you carrying decimal places


yeah I'm just kidding all right well there you go um next question oh no no I got it okay


yeah yeah it's it's your your Amazon wishlist link oh no


people do that and send girls Instagram profiles no way oh yeah tap on some of


those links that's insane now we're really embarrassing me yeah let's let's move on get back on the boat


this is the mountain bike podcast Mike podcast welcome I think I recall you guys mentioning some MTB specific Kell


Mountain shorts any idea on the timeline for those I love The Virtue shorts for riding and need another pair or two but


I may want to hold off until we see the new shorts thanks all right I'm ready for this one yeah geared up bro ready


baby all right send it bro so the idea with the virtue shorts was to really make this sort of elegant hybrid short


that worked actually with swimming um as a board short but worked great on a mountain bike and worked great wearing


casually so it's a super thin lightweight fabric that dries quick stretchy kind of hits all those things and then the trim and the cuts got


pockets and it just actually looks good as like a good lifestyle short and you can also ride bikes in it and then we


have longer in seams which help for riding bikes but yeah it was very much of a hybrid sort of extremely versatile


short and we have designed a mountain bike specific short that has a much more


tailored cut just what you'd want on a mountain bike different pocket layout and yeah we do have that material right


and material yeah yeah so that's super durable material um and yeah I think I think people are


gonna love it I think it's it's super dialed in also has a little bit more ventilation on that upper butt crack


area because that upper butt crack area when you're yeah you get a lot of upper butt crack sweat major swamp yep and


that's it that happens when you ride bikes yeah seated 100 you know on the side like the hallways on your own bikes


so yes we do uh it'll be showing up in July and yeah I'm optimistic on it I


think that mountain bikers a Bounder gonna love it and yeah cattle you know because a lot of us are mountain bikers


we do a ton of other sports but we want to have some really good mountain bike specific pieces some really good sort of


hybrid versatile pieces and a lot of good sort of Lifestyle travel sort of General outdoor gear as well so trying


to try to nail all nail all those Nails you know oh I like that nice that's


awesome that's what I'm talking about Kettle getting nailed so July is when yeah they asked the answer sometime in


July yeah thinking about putting a coil on my stump jumper Evo I live in South


Carolina where it's pretty flat but try to get to North Carolina as much as I can there are some jumps around here but


would there be any benefits of going to a coil um well you know I know it's pretty


gnarly up there in uh Pisgah and stuff and pretty technical but a coil would probably do it well there it would


certainly look cool um although I don't know I feel like I've heard some bad things about putting


a coil on that on those on those specialized bikes yeah I think the one that has the Yoke that


breaks shocks they have a yoke on that bike I don't know if it's long enough to break shocks uh some of the suspension


companies have put out the length of your yoke to the shaft length of your shock there's like a ratio where it's


okay and then where it's not okay I don't know where the stump temporivo falls on that however I don't think that


bike is very Progressive so you might be using a lot of travel um or using a lot of the travel


frequently more frequently than you want to however that being said uh North Carolina is pretty Rocky and


Rudy and having a coil which the main benefit of a coil is to have a more


Supple kind of off the top feel um could really help you get more traction in that rocking


Rudy stuff um but I think in the end of the day you know I know we try to like not do it


but koi over Sarah's personal preference and I almost always go back to air after


trying coil on a bike as I just prefer the feeling of air and and how I can tune it for my weight and


my writing style better so hmm yeah yeah


I mean I think there's some good benefits to coil it makes the bike feel more like a down bike super Supple off


the top but it is tough because I don't know I mean if we're being honest I don't I don't ride a coil on any of my


bikes that I'm not really planning to unless it's either full-blown downhill bike and also if you where you live is pretty flat then you don't want to like


you know hamstring yourself on your native Trails because where you want to go ride yeah on occasion yeah it's like


you occasionally go to the bike park where a coil would make sense but you ride the other 80 of the time in local


Trails even then I prefer air to bike park because I'm going there for the jumps air shocks have just come such a


long way and they become so much more Supple and Progressive and tunable that it's it's really hard


for a coil shock to now compete with an air shock yeah and just like you know your air shocks can be more adjustable I


think just to air shock if I can piggyback is is probably sufficient definitely however I would say I know


push does make a 11-6 for a stump jumper Evo and that might be the good middle


ground of getting a shock that's tuned for that bike yeah kind of fixes the progressive ratio Progressive


Progressive ratio progression ratio progression ratio um on that so push could be an option as


well nice that's pretty legit yeah I didn't know they made a shock for that bike yeah there is also Progressive


Springs now too yep um King Creek makes them Sprintex Sprint decks


well there's no G it's just Sprint oh Sprintex spring that's kind of a weird


word but they make them yeah um those those are two interesting Progressive Springs that you can use so I don't know


core shocks are cool they do they do still have a unique feel off the top which is red but yeah it is getting


every every day that goes by it's harder for coil shocks to compete with how good air shocks have gone yeah but so I think


yeah it just kind of goes back to like make your bike good for what you do most of the time yeah 80 20 rule yeah because


like I've been there too you know I want like the full on a drill bit because I love riding that stuff and like coil this and and like you know heavy 38


pounds yeah exactly but then it's like and then you want to just go ride like by your house and you're like oh man


this this bike is not very good for riding around yeah it's really only what else right yeah more bikes so you know that's


that's when you kind of split the difference man you get that long travel bike and that short travel bike


it is pretty easy to take shocks on and off so yeah for sure especially on that bike it's not like it isn't unusual to


have two shocks no there's definitely people that have shocks that they use for most riding and shocks that they put on their bike for the summer season when


they go to bike parks totally or even tires man like you could throw on some some dick casing tires you know with a


good compound and like shocks tires yeah those are definitely swap out yeah when you go to North Carolina and like


that'll that'll really change out your bike rides on those rocks also don't forget it is just half the fun of


mountain bikes is upgrading random stuff and trying and just trying and just trying stuff it's true even if you're


like wow it's a little worse on these Trails but a little more fun on these Trails like that's just fun to do literally half the fun and I think a lot


of people us included and most Riders enjoy doing is upgrading their bike and changing stuff just for the sake of


experiencing it yeah 100 tinkering puzzling whatever yeah it's fun totally able to do that and mountain bikes are


still infinitely modular like that which makes a huge difference and yeah it's fun totally awesome how about this one


this is actually a very interesting question what's the weirdest thing you've given someone as a gift


well this um the only thing I thought of when I saw that question yeah is and I


think it's is it still on our Instagram story highlights like the oldest one is that holiday party yeah which is four


years old at this point probably five years old at this point the we we threw a holiday party rager at the worldwide


Cyclery California location one year and for whatever reason you know some some days I just have the desire to document


a bunch of stuff on Instagram stories happens about once every eight months and I happen to do it for that holiday


party and it was hilarious uh so if you're familiar with Instagram story highlights swipe to the oldest ones all


the way over on the right hand side click on the holiday party you'll find some good entertainment but in that oh yeah uh I was I it was we did a secret


santa yeah secret Santa right as we do yeah uh secret Santa and I uh I had


asked Jane to buy my gift for Michael and she forgot and or she bought it and


didn't have it or something so so I so I bought like during the party I bought a


whole foods gift card I remember then I printed it out like on a full-size pieces


printed out a whole foods gift card on a piece of paper it's like whole food like the logo


exactly yeah and then so I don't know that was the first thing that popped in my head when I thought I was like I just


I printed out a gift card I bought on the spot because I forgot to get the secret Santa gift that's pretty good I


think like gifts you were given that party were way more weird than that yeah


uh I got a pretty weird gift I gave someone once so um uh it was for my


buddy's wedding actually it was a wedding gift and um he has a a cabin up in the in the


mountains um so we thought it would be a great idea to get him a crossbow as a wedding gift we got him a crossbow


that is a good idea they're sick I mean let's shoot it I don't know he's gonna text him right now I will ask


him but I've always wanted to shoot a crossbow it was legit oh we were just like man you know I think we got him


like a Target too like they could set it up you know and have a good time but you know in hindsight they were like why the


did you get us a crossbow for a wedding gift you know like the wife was definitely like you guys are ridiculous


that's the weirdest thing I've probably ever gotten somebody what about you Liam I don't know man I feel like I'm a boring Gift Giver now I don't even know


what's weird I did get a pretty weird gift from Taiwan uh to give to my roommate but we're just


whoever but just kind of brought it home but I don't really want to talk about it on here so I'm gonna move on


the gift was too inappropriate to make it onto the podcast it was and if you're listening this far you must know that at


this point we make this podcast PG-13 intentionally because we want you to be able to listen to it around your family


and children Etc however Adam did send you a photo of me next to the sign in


Taiwan oh yes yes um which was the story went in so you could probably put that together of what I got there's a lot of


uh interesting gifts and knickknacks that are sold in Asia yeah phallic yeah


all right how about oh I think I know the answer to this one just I mean toilet paper over under


so is this does under mean you go in front of the twig and berries no that means that you put the Roll on yeah


wiping no I wanted clarification on that as well


there's only one correct answer because the toilet paper roll patent from like


1920s it was over it goes over yeah so if you're doing it under you're actually not even doing it correctly you're doing


it wrong one answer it's over yeah um now for my Technique No we'll move on


geez there needs to be a larger poll because I know some people for whatever reason like the waterfall on the back


side what it's harder to get you can't oh no I agree I agree I I want I want the


waterfall to roll like a waterfall but some people don't like that whenever I see it and push back I just assumed that


it was in you know it's just an accident a lapse of judgment and in in or


sometimes when you put a fresh roll on you can't tell you always you know anything you just like throw it on there


you always pull it and check and then if it's if it's on if it's on the back Pull It in check when you put the new rule on


yeah I'm on there for 10 minutes dude well you got it you can check it's it's I think common courtesy to like pull out the first piece so like the next person


doesn't just like you know haphazardly try and you know yeah and break in the


role if it's on wrong I thought it was just common courtesy just to replace it and then just get out you're 90 there


yeah but the last 10 is making sure it's correct yeah bidet people over here listening like toilet paper


what did you say I use a reusable cloth


all right that goes hand-handed the zodiac sign the bar yeah you've listened this far thank you uh we apologize or


maybe don't apologize because maybe you enjoyed the slightly off-topic conversations but yeah we're a little


more casual today because it's Friday yeah party shirt Friday we're not wearing party shirts what are we gonna try to bring it back we should we do but


you know store in Nevada Tyler is gonna party shirt last Friday out there like it hasn't really been party vibe in the


environment it still doesn't feel like summer yeah we need Sunny for party shirts but you know I just had a quick


comment you know regarding the lentil king um because uh you know I think what you


what you actually meant was the legume King because lentils and beans are are separate they're both yes part of the


legume family um but unfortunately that lentil King doesn't Reign Over anybody he might be


right you may have messed that one up yeah it's still yeah also dude I had five minutes to prepare for this I found


the rock I Googled best bean plants and lentil came up and I was like King


lentil sounds good best bean plants so I think Lord legume would also suffice


personally thank you all who have ever commented about Bean I'm sure it makes Jared happy but more importantly it does


if you've listened this far if you leave our podcast review on Apple podcast or Spotify and you screenshot it and you


send it over to podcast yes Jared will send you a fancy little


gift card off discount codes something like that


um because we really appreciate the reviews and all the kind words from you all so thank you we currently have the


highest rated mountain bike podcast ever on the planet we could just say ever ever yeah that's pretty awesome before


we wrap should we go over our previous show notes previous episode behind rip


through it quickly all right so here we go a couple you guys might remember or all of you might remember uh how we talked about you know Continental Tires


a couple episodes ago and how somebody was looking for advice on Victory attires so here we go Victoria excuse me


pronunciation there you go I am an avid fan of Vittoria MTB tires going back to their GX brand I have purchased many


Victoria tires from WC and I hope you keep stocking them blah blah blah blah okay we will keep stocking them the Mazza


goes head to head with the dhf or DHR I run the Mazza in front the breakpoint is so much better and more predictable I


run the martello on the rear for all your traction best at everything from climbing rocks to hard corners and breaking the aggato 2.5 Trail tire is


also one of the best fast rolling most predictable tires for the front since the WTB mutano raptor is that how


you say that one mutano raptor I have also I have also seen a local


Rider run them front and rear I'm a tire Aficionado like you guys and I agree there are so many options and confusion


for rubber on the market um yeah basically saying Vittoria is simple two casing options multi-compound


rubber graphene can't be beat you should check it out well I have been reaching out to them to


try to get some samples and their new tire insert which I also want to try so


hopefully they continue to respond to me because it's a little pulling teeth right now and we can get that going yeah


awesome Italian company they have a US distributor so it's not hard for us to


sort of stock them as long as the distributor has good inventory but it is a little hard to communicate with them


on various things correct that's fair but you know we'll see I'm gonna keep working at it part of why Maxxis is Maxxis


and so dominant Mountain Bike World Is Not Just because they have fantastic probably class leading performing tires


but they're also just on top of it yeah they're United States headquarters is on


top of talking to retailers and Brands and sponsoring Riders and making sure World Cups are one on those tires and distribution is good


yeah in every Bike Shop Aaron and Andrew kick ass they're awesome dudes and they


run it really well several percent yeah they really do job yeah well yeah that's pretty cool you know to


to get some more insight on the Vittoria tires but yeah I'm not opposed to trying new tires I've been trying those Continentals yeah I'm I'm all about


trying new tires me too I'm a fan of those tires I will try I'll attire any


Tire you will Tire let's try to make it fun that's right thank you very much for


listening this far we appreciate it and we will see you guys in the next one hasta luego


June 02, 2023

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