Fox 2020 FIT4 Damper Update & Roller Bearing Shock Hardware Kit

Fox 2020 FIT4 Damper Update 

For model year 2020, Fox is making an update to their FIT4 Damper by equipping them with an 8mm damper shaft, a new bladder construction, and a reconfigured shim stack. The reason for the damper shaft change is to create a system with a little less damping, allowing the rider to experience a little more sensitivity on the trail. Low speed compression can still be dialed in so that you can maintain an aggressive riding style without getting sucked down into the fork’s travel.

Fox 2020 Fit4 Damper Update

As far as rebound goes, the newly reconfigured shim stack fits in line with Fox’s latest tuning improvements. Additionally, the new assembly weighs less, giving you 35 grams of weight savings.

This update will apply to all 2020 Fox 32, 34, and 36 non Step-Cast forks sporting FIT4 dampers. Those of you lucky enough to own model year 2019 Step Cast forks already have this sweet upgrade.

Fox 2020 Fit4 Damper

Just in case you’re unaware, the FIT4 damper system is a closed cartridge with three position damping settings: Open, Medium, and Firm. Factory Series forks allow extra adjustability in the Open position with 22 clicks of low-speed compression, giving you tons of options for varying trail conditions without the millions of knobs that some suspension products come with.

Roller Bearing Shock Hardware Kit

Also new for 2020 is a roller bearing shock hardware kit. This kit features an 8mm x 30mm roller bearing rear shock mounting kit that uses outboard-mounted roller bearings instead of the industry standard shock bushings. What does this all mean? It means much less friction as your rear shock goes through its travel. How much friction are we talking? Enough that you will probably have to actually adjust your shock settings to accommodate the additional smoothness you’re feeling in your shock.

Fox Roller Bearing Shock Hardware Kit

This kit is compatible with all current Fox rear shocks and many popular bike brands such as Santa Cruz and Transition. You’ll need a special tool (Mounting Hardware Bearing Assembly Install and Removal) in order to remove the bearing kit from your shock. Before going out and purchasing this upgrade kit, we recommend you do your homework first and just double check that this kit will actually work for your setup. Come talk to us to see if this kit will bring you and your bike all of the happiness you deserve. Oh, and while you’re chatting with us, just go ahead and ask to buy a Fox fork with a FIT4 damper. You might as well just get all of your suspension shopping done. We know you want to.

August 14, 2019

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