DT Swiss Men's Bib Shorts: Rider Review

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If you have tried riding your bike without a bib then you know it can be a risky move. Instead of dealing with discomfort and rashes, get yourself a nice bib like our customer Kevin. He picked up the DT Swiss Bib and is stoked on it. Check it out!

DT Swiss Bib Rider Review


To start off before I bought these bibs, I usually wear HyperThreads or DNA cycling kits as I am an XC racer. But as usual, clothing in mountain biking does not come cheap, this time I decided to shop around and see if I could find an affordable bib that didn’t sacrifice on quality. And to be clear, these bibs did not disappoint whatsoever.

DT Swiss Bib Rider Review

On The Bike

Before I bought the DT Swiss bib I tried to find reviews to get a ballpark on performance, but alas I could not find any. So me being impatient just pulled the trigger, hoping if DT’s clothes are as good as the hubs, I would be a happy camper. When they came I tested them out in the middle of Gooseberry Mesa, UT on a trip I had planned. For the first time putting them on, I could not feel a difference in quality from these or any offering from HyperThreads or DNA. On the bike, these proved to be comfortable and not irritate my skin and breath very well. For the chamois, I was pleasantly surprised by the quality and comfort of it, hugely surpassing the comfort of the aforementioned companies. To this day, after months of use and abuse, they are holding strong.


Anyone who is looking for a quality level bib at half the price of leading brands bib’s, I’m glad to say I can recommend the DT Swiss. Also a huge shoutout to Worldwide Cyclery for getting these here quickly. I ordered on a Sunday and got these Thursday even when it said it would be delivered on Friday. So they made it in time for my trip, once again Huge Thanks to WWC for being an awesome company and letting me review these bibs.

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August 14, 2019

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