CushCore Plus Tire Insert 27.5"+ Single: Rider Review

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Getting flats and denting your rims? Get some protection in your tires with CushCore tire inserts. CushCore not only adds protection to your tire and wheel but also gives you the ability to run lower pressure for more traction. Check out what our customer Jean Paul has to say about his CushCore inserts. Or jump to our review on CushCore here.  

CushCore tire insert review

Jean Paul's Review:

Well, what can I say? This Cushcore tire insert is simply amazing, making a perfect match for E-Bikes specially when your E-Bike is not paired with a very robust wheelset! Now I don’t have to be picky and careful with my line choice while riding full gas haha, I can just smash anything that’s on my way without being worried to get a flat tire; and in case I would eventually get one I wouldn’t mind as with Cushcore I would still be able to make it back home!

I honestly think there’s really no match from any brand to the performance, protection, and duration that Cushcore delivers.

CushCore tire insert review


The Cushcore its a very robust foam, which is not that heavy it really stands because of there construction when you compare them to any similar product that other brands offer. The installation is actually much easier than it looks on videos, and with some patience and a couple of minutes you will be ready to go, you just need to watch Cushcore videos and follow their steps, after the initial installation of Cushcore you can continue and do your tubeless installation as usual and I really recommend for this step inserting the sealant trough the CushCore Valve if you do follow the steps with patience you will be rolling in no time. Remember that in order for the Cushcore to work well you need to use their own Core Valves!

With E-Bikes, you can’t go cheap and you need to buy the best protection you can for rims giving you more durability of the wheelset and also more grip on trail, as you can lower the pressure on the tires without worrying. On trail the feel that Cushcore gives is a more comfortable and softer feeling like a sort of dampening!


I really think this is a must for E-Bikes, especially for Specialized ones since the original Roval rims are like butter when not paired to Cushcore’s, but once you pair them they magically transform into a pretty sweat and strong wheelset. I haven’t had punctures or dents since I started using Cushcore tire inserts! Once again thanks to all the team of WorldWide Cyclery for delivering this amazing product in no time!

Cushcore Tire Insert Review

October 30, 2019

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