ESI Chunky Silicone Grips: Rider Review

Finding the perfect set of mountain bike grips can be a challenge with all the options on the market. If your looking for a bit more padding then average, the ESI Silicone grips are a top choice. In this review, our customer Paul adds a set to his Niner. Check it out!

ESI Silicone Grips Rider Review


A longtime mountain biker going back to a Diamondback Ascent EX in the ‘80s’ I have tried tons of grips. Finding a grip that matches the comfort and technical capabilities as well as matching your style, both riding and the look of your bike can be a challenge. From hard rubber to cork to silicon, lock on to push on there are literally endless possibilities. When I got my latest bike, a Niner JET9 RDO, I liked the stock lock on grips but knew I wanted to change them out quickly. I have a set of cork grips but they just didn’t feel right on this bike so Worldwide Cyclery and ESI to the rescue! 

I’m not racing nor am I doing 10’ drops anymore, at 55 the risk is no longer worth it as I need my income to feed the bicycle beast. Having said that, I am competitive and like to try different accessories to get better. The ESI 32mm Chunky Silicone Grips in Black fit the bill perfectly. Of course, the hamsters at Worldwide filled my order quickly and despite still having snow on the trails in CT. I got to try them shortly after ordering them.

ESI Silicone Grips Rider Review
Like the three bears, I felt the 32mm was just right! They were thick enough to give me some cushion but still provided great control. I felt the 30mm racers were a little to thin and the 34’s a little too squishy. Installation was a snap and I literally just pushed them on, no air compressor, no soap, and water, just cut open the package push them on and ride. With the quality of ESI matched with Worldwide’s pricing you don’t have to worry about getting the wrong size or color, I would say get a few pairs.

Final Thoughts

Don’t waste to much time trying to figure out 30,32 or 34mm, buy a few and as Niner says, Pedal Damm it! You may like more cushioning with the extra-chunky one day on the hard pack and flow and the next week change out to racers as your full-on shredding the rock gardens. The silicone ESI uses has held up well so far but granted it hasn’t been long. I like the ability to quickly change them at the trail and not worry about torque settings or slippage. Hopefully, this review helps you out a little so enjoy and go ride.

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April 08, 2019

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