Ergon SM Pro Saddle [Rider Review]

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Saddles are a very personal part of the bike for any rider, and finding the right one can be a painstaking process. With that in mind, Ergon is on a mission to take the pain out of riding with their components. Kenny recently switched over to their SM Pro saddle with some impressive results. Read on to find out more!

Ergon SM Pro Rider Review

Kenny's Review

I had read other reviews that said the Ergon SM Pro was one of the best saddles out there but I was hesitant to make such a pricey investment in my saddle since I’m on a budget. I was having issues with sit bone pain and perineum pain along with chaffing on my current saddle on longer rides over an hour and a half. So I took a gamble and ordered the SM Pro.

I ordered the small/medium version even though my sit bone measurements are 120 millimeters and Ergon says I should use the medium/large. I’m hard-headed like that lol. Ergon was right! Lol. My sit bones were sitting on the edge of the saddle even though my previous saddle was 145 millimeters in width and so was the SM Pro small/medium version. It was uncomfortable. So I returned it and bought the medium/large like I should have to begin with. Fits great now. Don’t waste time ordering the wrong size since these saddles are very hard to come by and always sold out everywhere you try to find one. Shaved half a pound off my bike from my old saddle since the SM Pro only weighs about half a pound.

It looks amazing in person. I ordered the mid-summer blue color and it matches my bike and really stands out. I also bought a risky red colored one for my other bike the the red really stands out and looks good too.

The padding is firm but comfortable. I feel very stable on the saddle.

I set the angle of the saddle at a flat zero degrees. It’s more of a flat style saddle with a very slight ramp or wing up at the back so it’s easy to move around on if need be but it keeps you in place also and doesn’t let you accidentally slip around.

Ergon SM Pro Rider Review

The finish and materials are very nice just like anything else Ergon makes. I’ve had the saddle for over a month now and have put lots of miles on it. I went on a 3 hour 40-mile continuous ride of nothing but single track rough rooty 170 beats per minute heart pounding the entire time with big climbs and descents and rode away without any chaffing or sit bone or perineum pain.

I have had a few crashes and the saddle is holding up wonderfully without any scratches or tears. I’m looking forward to even longer rides and miles on this saddle now that I’m pain-free and comfortable.

Final Thoughts

The compliments I’ve received on how good-looking the saddle is almost worth the purchase alone lol. I’m completely satisfied with my purchase and it was worth every penny which was a lot of pennies for a saddle lol.

 Ergon SM Pro Rider Review

June 21, 2021

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