Park Tool CP-1.2 Cassette Pliers [Rider Review]

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Cassette pliers and chain whips might not be the most glamorous tools out there, but you will find them in every professional bike mechanic's tool box. Park Tool makes the Cassette Plier CP-1.2 which makes cassette removal a breeze. Harris recently added one to his tool box and hasn't looked back. Read on for more! 

Park Tool Cassette Plier Rider Review

Harris' Review

I purchased the Park Tool CP-1.2 Cassette Pliers to replace my old chain whip. The old chain whip used a nine-speed chain, which was much wider than a 12-speed chain. I have a SRAM 12-speed cassette and the old chain whip did not fit well on it. In fact, the old chain whip actually bent my cassette when I used it to remove the cassette from my wheel. I decided to upgrade from my old chain whip because I did not want to risk damaging my cassette in subsequent removals. The cassette is a wearable item and requires periodic replacement. Furthermore, it is essential to remove the cassette to service the rear hub on most hub designs.

I enjoy performing these minor maintenance procedures myself without the assistance of a bike shop. In addition, all of my local bike shops have substantial wait times for maintenance and repairs. As such, I knew that I needed to purchase a new chain whip sooner than later. However, they can be difficult to use for a novice mechanic. It is hard to line up the chain correctly. Incorrect use will result in the chain slipping, which can damage your expensive cassette, delicate hand, or both.

Park Tool Cassette Plier Rider Review

I searched the web for a solution to this problem and I found the Park Tool CP-1.2 Cassette Pliers. I watched many YouTube videos about the pliers and they seemed much easier to use than a chain whip. So, I went to Worldwide Cyclery's website, my favorite online bike shop, and searched for the Park Tool cassette plier. Fortunately, Worldwide Cyclery had the pliers at a very competitive price. I decided the time was right and ordered the cassette pliers along with a new 12 speed SRAM chain, a Park Tool chain wear indicator, and ODI grips. My order came in a timely manner and I immediately put my new cassette plier to use. 

I found the pliers extremely easy to use. They did not slip or bend my cassette as my old chain whip did. They were significantly easier to use and I look forward to future cassette removals.

I was replacing my chain and I decided that it was a good time to remove my cassette, clean it, grease the threads on my SRAM XD driver, and service my rear hub.

Final Thoughts

Overall, cassette pliers have exceeded all of my expectations. They fit perfectly on my cassette and are much easier to use. I highly recommend them. Furthermore, they have a superb finish and are clearly a quality product. I am confident that they will be my go-to cassette tool for many years to come, at least until the cassette becomes obsolete.  

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June 22, 2021

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