FOX Transfer Factory Dropper Seat Post [Rider Review]

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Fox's Transfer Dropper Post has been leading the dropper game for years and for one good reason. Reliability. Fox managed to create the worlds most reliable dropper post, passing the competition years ago. Now in it's 2nd iteration, the Transfer still maintains its reliability, however, features a lighter chassis and redesigned rail clamp design for ease of installation and adjustability. Our buddy Carlos recently made the upgrade. Lets see what he thought:

Carlos' Review

First of all, I must say that it is one of the best improvements that I put on my bike because it has helped me a lot. Fox is a great brand and has a great reputation but the truth is that I do not lean so much for that but for its functionality and that it is incredibly beautiful hahaha. This dropper is incredibly soft and efficient, also, the color is the best and all its details that if you look at it in detail as I do you will see that it is simply beautiful. I think it is the best dropper that I have had and although for many people weight is not an important factor in this type of thing.

I must say that with the fact that this model is lighter than its previous model, I can say that I save a few grams and I like this because I I like to try to keep the weight of my bike low.

Fox Transfer Dropper Post Review

It only has one small thing that I dislike a bit, although, it does not lose its function at all and it works perfectly, and that is that the base of the Fox Transfer Dropper sometimes has a little play without using it a lot or aggressively and that is the only bad thing that I see. Do not misunderstand what I said, because it works perfectly and honestly many will not even notice this type of thing but since I am a bit visual and obsessive compulsive well I notice it and it is minimum minimum on the other hand I think that having designed it shorter helps a lot since many bicycles in certain sizes for short people because it affects and this helps, for example I have a friend who is very short and he has a sniper interest but the part to introduce your dropper is not that deep and this dropper worked perfectly for the short tube.

Pros and Cons

+ Light
+ Design
+ Soft
+ Durable
+ Color

- A bit of play that is not noticeable
- The price (but good things are a bit expensive sometimes)


"I have more than all good things to say about this product and only that little bad thing about the best game. I think I made the best purchase and I am very happy, just as it is a product of a recognized brand I am completely sure that If something happens and the game gets bigger or something, I know I will have the guarantee of the manufacturer or the store where I buy it. I don't think I know of anyone who has had complaints about these droppers and they only have good things to say about it." - Carlos

Fox Transfer Dropper Post Review

June 20, 2021

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