e*thirteen TRS+ Dropper Post: Rider Review

Have to say this e*thirteen TRS+ Dropper Post performs very well. Right off the bat looking at the quality you can tell e*thirteen means business. The finish is clean and the dropper shaft performs buttery smooth. Installation was a little different using the shifting cable on the opposite side with the cable anchor going into the dropper actuator. Dropper remote was a little bulkier than my wolf tooth but that fact it had a bearing made it work effortlessly. Easy clamping system and comfortable thumb grip. Overall enjoyable actuating.

ethirteen TRS+ dropper post review
On the trails, this dropper post doesn't hold you back. Works like a charm even on high elevations. I was having issues with my cruxi and this e*thirteen doesn't hold back Becuase of its mechanical design. It spring pressure design make the dropper pop up consistently. Almost too fast but when you're in a punch the dropper is ready to adjust. One drawback that wasn't too much of my liking was the 4 positions. You are forced to learn where those positions are. The middle positions you can miss if you prop up too much. You have to wait until it clicks on one of the positions. I was used to having any position to sit in but I can get readjusted to this feature. Definitely, something to consider.

ethirteen TRS+ dropper post review

All in all the e*thirteen TRS+ Dropper Post design and function was excellent. I going to use this for a while but I am open to trying something different. I'm pleased with the speed of the dropper and design. Not to mention its a lighter weight than most. Might try my wolf tooth remote but the functionality of this setup that e*thirteen made is reliable. I recommend this dropper to anyone that is ready to upgrade. Just remember the positions you're getting Because there will be no in between. If you want reliability and performance buy this dropper. Price is worth every dime.

ethirteen TRS+ dropper post review

February 12, 2019

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