DT Swiss Custom Wheel Build w/ Head Mechanic - Liam Woods [Video]


We are back with another employee spotlight. This time we are going to follow our head mechanic Liam Woods as he builds a DT Swiss wheel. In an age of ever-growing technology, the art of a hand built wheel is still a thing of beauty. We’ll show the steps involved from the correct spoke length, spoke prepping, lacing, and final truing.  Although machine built wheels are great, it’s no substitute for a wheel built by human hands. In this video, you can sit back and enjoy the simple yet precise steps of a building a mountain bike wheel from scratch. Check it out!

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Custom Wheel Build with Liam

Custom Wheel Build with Liam

If you are interested we offer custom wheel builds in the hub, rim, and spoke combo of your choosing. Feel free to contact us with any questions regarding custom wheel build options.

February 13, 2019

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