Park Tool Travel and Storage Bag: Rider Review

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Looking to take your Park Tool stand on the go? Well, you are going to need a storage bag to keep it from getting damaged or dirty! Our customer Yosyf needed to transport hs is Park Tool bike stand without having it rub on other items in his car. The Park Tool Travel and Storage bag was the perfect solution. Read on to hear more!

Park Tool Travel and Storage Bag


The Park Tool Travel and Storage Bag 15 is a great addition for those seeking a way to transport their stand. I have taken my PCS-10 on several trips with the crew and have always tried to carefully position the stand in the truck so as to avoid having the finish (which is relatively durable) from rubbing on other equipment crammed into the vehicle. This bag provides a remedy to the dilemma as the material is heavy enough to ward off most, if not all, accidental damage. Not to mention, it helps protect the stand when placed on the ground or when it is up against something that might damage the finish while in transit.

First Impressions

I do think that Park Tool could’ve incorporated a more heavy-duty zipper and given the bag a bit more room to accommodate the clamp but it fits with a little adjustment in the clamp and head. I have yet to try this, but I feel like more equipment can potentially fit in the bag. I’m thinking with the right packing we can possibly fit some other items in the bag. As for carrying the bag, there is a nice durable shoulder strap that helps move it around and keep in manageable; however, the stand is bulky so I wouldn’t recommend carrying it long distances.

Does It Work?

This past Summer the stand fell out of the truck while in the bag and landed in a muddy rut (we were trying to get as close as possible to our starting point (don’t hate, we dislike uphill sections to start the day), I was able to partially rinse it off without issue. When I got home, I threw it in the washing machine and it held up just fine.

Park Tool Travel Bag Rider Review

Recently, it was foolishly put in a pile of snow (I need new friends) and sat there for an hour before dipsh*t noticed it. It went back in the cab and when I got back home the stand was perfectly dry. I wouldn’t call the material waterproof or the zipper capable of full-on water immersion, but it can fend off some rain and snowmelt within reason.

The bag isn’t bulletproof, but it doesn’t have to be as it’s not meant to go on expeditions or whatever. The PCS-10 isn’t a stand you bikepack with or whatever. I do feel as if it would hold up decently well for a potential flight but I don’t think it would survive repeated and multiple airline trips, so I would recommend a hard case for that.

Final Thoughts

Generally speaking, the bag is great for storing the stand and some transport. I also can’t believe I just wrote 450 words to describe this bag, but hey, just trying to spread the love. Cheers and happy riding folks!

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May 20, 2020

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