Deity Blacklabel Handlebars Review

Deity Components new complete product lineup has certainly solidified their place as one of the top component brands, with a full lineup of handlebars, stems, grips, saddles, seatposts, seatpost collars, and pedals. After unveiling an almost completely new product catalog for 2017, the Deity Blacklabel handlebars saw a bit of a remodel. With an all new look, the Deity Blacklabel became Deity's premier downhill specific handlebars. Here in this review, we are comparing the new Blacklabel handlebars to the previous model. 

Deity Blacklabel Handlebars - Worldwide Cyclery

The updated Deity Blacklabel Handlebars are available in 15mm, 25mm, and 38mm rise options

Handlebar Specifications

  • The previous Blacklabel handlebars came from the factory at 787mm wide. The updated Blacklabel bars are now 800mm wide. Both models tested here have been cut down to 780mm.
  • 25mm rise tested here.
  • 31.8mm handlebar clamp diameter.
  • Both handlebars come with a 9 degree backsweep and 5 degree upsweep.
  • Custom butted 7075 T73 aluminum utilizing our proprietary Gradient Butting Technology.
  • The updated Blacklabel gets a detailed two tone bead blast and polished ano finish.
  • All Deity handlebars are covered by their Lifetime Crash Replacement Policy to the original owner.
  • 800mm uncut Blacklabel bar weighs 342 grams.

Aside from the wider profile and fresh look, the heart of the Blacklabel handlebar remains unchanged. Deity has stretched the center bore to accommodate the wider profile while maintaining an amazing feel. The Blacklabel handlebar represents the best of what Deity has to offer and is a staple in their line. The Blacklabel handlebars can be found on World Cup riders bike's Brendan Fairclough and Sam Blenkinsop. 

Riding And Performance 

Over the last two years I have been riding the Blacklabel handlebars on my trail bikes and downhill bikes! This bar has seen the back of the start gate at many races, including the legendary world cup track at Mont Sainte Anne and the famous dual slalom event at the Sea Otter Classic. 

Deity Blacklabel Handlebars - Worldwide Cyclery

Deity Blacklabel Handlebars - Worldwide Cyclery


  • Finding the right balance between stiffness and compliancy is key when trying to find a handlebar that suits your riding style and bike setup. The Blacklabel is certainly on the stiffer side of things and for good reason. The demands associated with riding and racing downhill bikes are high. A dual crown fork is inherently stiffer than a single crown fork, and because of that, a stiffer bar is helpful. The Deity Blacklabel bar isn't overpowered by the Fox 40 they were mounted to, and vice versa. 
  • With a bead blasted anodized finish, the Blacklabel bars have proven to very durable. Even after a year of riding, these handlebars are still looking fresh.
  • In my opinion, the new graphics look sweet! You can pick and choose your favorite to match your bike. 


  • If the bars are cut down too much, they will become too stiff. If you prefer anything narrower than 760mm, the lighter Deity Skyline handlebar might be a better option for you.

Max Morgan Sea Otter Classic

Max Morgan riding the Sea Otter Classic dual slalom with the Deity Blacklabel handlebars // Photo by Mike Thomas

What's The Bottom Line?

The Deity Blacklabel handlebar is a do it all handlebar. It balances strength and weight, stiffness and compliancy. The updated handlebar still maintains a very similar feel to the previous, just with a new killer look. The new graphics from Deity look pretty sharp and will match most bikes out there! Both bars have proven to be very durable and are more scratch resistant than some other bars I've ridden. For me, I don't need the full 800mm width the bars come stock as. Cutting the bars down will increase the stiffness slightly. 

Deity Blacklabel Handlebars

About Me

Max Morgan is 25 years old, and lives in Brevard, North Carolina. Max grew up in Atlanta, Georgia and started racing downhill at the age of 15. He has now been racing professionally for the last 7 years, competing in the U.S. Pro GRT series and UCI World Cup series. Check out Max's rider spotlight here! 

Also check out Max's latest edit riding at Neko Mulally's Windrock Bike Park.
Instagram: @mxmorgan77


November 11, 2017

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