Deity Skyline 787 Handlebars Review

Spring 2017 Deity totally revamped their entire product line, from top to bottom. Now with a full lineup of premium products, Deity Components covers all of your controls. They carry more than just handlebars and stems, now with seats, seatposts, grips, and pedals. Here in this review, we are going to be checking out the all new Deity Skyline 787 aluminum handlebars. The Skyline handlebars are geared towards the all mountain and enduro riders out there who are looking for a lightweight durable aluminum handlebar designed for punishment.  

Deity Skyline 787 Handlebar Review - Worldwide Cyclery

Handlebar Specifications

  • Enduro / All Mtn / Trail Handlebar
  • 7075 T73 gradient-butted aluminum
  • 787mm uncut width
  • 9 degree backsweep, 5 degree upsweet
  • 31.8mm clamp diameter
  • Features measured cut marks and center alignment detail
  • Available in 7 different color options
  • Available in either 15mm or 25mm rise (25mm rise tested)
  • Weight: 296 grams. Deity lightest aluminum handlebar

Deity's full lineup of handlebar options now includes the Skyline 787 all mountain / enduro / trail handlebar. The Skyline bar uses Deity's Gradient Butting Technology and is heat treated separate from the other models to create the lightest Deity aluminum handlebar in the line.

Deity Skyline 787 Handlebars Review - Worldwide Cyclery

Deity Skyline 787 Handlebars Review - Worldwide Cyclery

Riding and Performance

I immediately cut 3.5mm off each side of the handlebars to give me a 780mm width. Mounted with Deity's Cavity 50mm stem, I'm riding the Skyline handlebars on a Santa Cruz Hightower 29er trail bike. I've ridden these handlebars on the rugged trails in Pisgah National Forest and on the great trail system in the Dupont State Forest, both in Western North Carolina. 


  • One of the biggest things I look for in a handlebar is finding the right balance between stiffness and handlebar flex. Having a bar that is too stiff, allows a lot of harsh feedback to run up through the handlebars to your hands. And on the other side of things, if the handlebar flexes too much, you will loose some control over the bike and feel like you are holding on to a noodle. Because of Deity's Gradient Butting Technology, they were able to create a lightweight handlebar with 20% increased strength for the weight that balances both stiffness and flex.
  • The Skyline 787 handlebars gives you great feedback up through the bike and in the end a control that inspires confidence when riding
  • The graphics on the Skyline bars look great! With a two tone bead blasted and anodized finish, the handlebars are oozing with style and are very durable. They both look the part and play the part.

Deity Skyline 787 Handlebars Review - Worldwide Cyclery

Deity Skyline 787 Handlebars Review - Worldwide Cyclery


  • There isn't much to say negative about these handlebars. They aren't the lightest handlebars out there, they don't use a 35mm clamp diameter, and they just WORK because of it! The Skyline 787 handlebars come at a reasonable price and will give any trail bike a great feel.

What's The Bottom Line? 

The Deity Skyline 787 is everything you could ask for in a handlebar. It's strong, gives you positive feedback on the bike, it's durable, and lightweight. A lot of newer handlebar designs are overbuilt and give you harsh feedback up from the trail. That is not the case with the Skyline bar. Deity knocked it out of the park and truly created a handlebar specifically tuned for the enduro and trail bike

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October 27, 2017

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