Customer Review: Troy Lee Designs A2 Helmet

Troy Lee Designs A2 Helmet

I owned the Troy Lee A1 helmet for years and loved it. Yes, it was hot, but it was so comfortable that I lived with some extra sweat. Then came long the A2. I was a little skeptical, because like I mentioned before, I loved the fit of the A1. However, Troy Lee has once again made a great helmet.

The A2 is noticeably lighter than the A1. The biggest thing you notice is the increased size of the vents on the helmet. The vents are really big and downright huge compared to the A1. I will say that the overall fit of the A2 is different than the A1. It is not that the helmet is uncomfortable, but it does not seem to fit on your head like a pillow as the A1 did. I do like the increased airflow, especially on the hot summer ride.

Troy Lee Designs Helmet Collection

The A2 comes with MIPS stock. Does MIPS help or not? I don’t really know. However, if MIPS can provide an additional safety layer, then I am all for it. I do believe that the A2 is one of the safer helmets on the market. The A2 does have a little more adjustability than the A1. I like the straps around your ears much better than the A1. You can also move the inside cage to your liking.

Bottom line, the A2 is a worthy successor to the A1. Though I found the fit not quite as comfortable as the A1, the overall weight, airflow and safety improvements are great. Plus, the helmet just looks great and we all know that is what it’s all about.

Troy Lee Designs A2 Helmet

September 08, 2017

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