7 Protection Transition Knee Pads Review

For those who aren't familiar with 7 Protection, they specialize in high end mountain bike protection. With everything from joint protection, helmets, chest and back protection, to gloves, 7iDP covers it all. They are known for their innovative design, durability, quality and comfort. Here in this review, we are taking a closer look at the 7iDP Transition Knee PadsThe Transition pad features impact hardening foam, slips on and off, and fits those with a minimalistic lifestyle.

7 Protection Transition Knee Pads Review - Worldwide Cyclery

Super Light

  • Without sacrificing protection, the Transition knee pads are super light weight. The impact hardening foam molds to the shape of your knee and stays comfortable all ride long. 

Compression Fit

  • The compression fit means there is no need for any straps to hold these knee pads in place. A small silicone strip on the inside of the pads keeps them sliding down while pedaling and riding. 

Breathable Sock

  • A breathable 4-way stretch mesh covers the back of the leg keeps the air moving through the knee pad. These pads are designed to be ridden in all day long. Being lightweight, slim fitting, and breathable makes that possible. 

Price: $69.99

Weight: 262 grams per side

7 Protection Transition Knee Pads Review - Worldwide Cyclery

The Good And The Bad

  • Once you set off for a ride and your body temperature comes up, the Transition knee pads mold to the shape of your knees are so comfy. If you were to grab them off the shelf you might not think that. For everyday trail riding, these are the jam! And until these pads, I have never liked wearing bulky knee pads when climbing or pedaling at all really. The Transition knee pads truly manage being super minimalistic, lightweight and comfortable while still serving up enough protection to be worth wearing. 

  • I wear a size medium, and the compression fit is tight enough to keep the pads in place but not too tight that things are uncomfortable. You could wear them all day and forget they were on. 

  • One of the only drawbacks I have seen from these pads is how thin the silicone strip/band is at the top the pad. If this band was a bit wider, it seems it would less likely to roll up on itself. After that began to happen a few times, I started putting my bib shorts over the top of the band portion of the knee pads. This keeps everything tidy and even more locked in place. 

What's the Bottom Line?

The Transition knee pads are truly a grab and go essential for any rider looking for good knee protection in a slim fit package. These are my favorite knee pads to ride in and have even worn them at a few downhill races where the track wasn't too rough. They would go great for someone competing in any enduro racing or everyday trail riding. The stitching on the Transition knee keeps the fit and finish looking and performing like it should. You can ride in these pads all day long!

Sam Hill 7 Protection Transition Knee Pads - Worldwide Cyclery

Sam Hill riding in the Transition Knee Pads 

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