Customer Review: RockShox Recon Silver RL Fork

RockShox Recon Silver Fork

I purchased this fork from the great people at Worldwide Cyclery as an upgrade for my Giant Talon. The factory fork was a coil spring design and lacked ride quality and any rebound or dampening control. In short, the ride quality was terrible and I really wanted something better.

My search for an affordable air fork led me to the RockShox Recon Solo Air. This looked to be a quality product and the recent re-design for 2017 to include Motion Control was icing on the cake!  The new design incorporates the Reba’s crown and lower legs with the Recon’s 32mm steel stanchions. The re-invented Recon also uses shorter upper tubes than previous units which makes it lighter than previous Recon Silver’s.

Shipping was prompt and I soon had my new fork in my possession. I was immediately impressed with the workmanship and finish. This is a quality fork for a great price! Installation was a breeze and all necessary items were included, even a service kit for the first re-build.

Rockshox Recon RL Forks

You will need to buy a shock pump separately to set the correct sag and air pressure. Suggested air pressures based on rider weight are printed right on the fork for easy set-up. I set mine to about a 20% sag, which work well for the rocky and varied terrain I like to ride.

I have always been impressed with the Talon’s ride quality and handling but with the upgrade to the new Recon it is now even better…by a long shot!  The fork is supple over rough and rocky terrain and feedback and handling are precise. The 32mm stanchions add the much needed stiffness to the front end. The old Suntour fork was flexy and never inspired confidence in rough downhill sections. The unnerving knock through the handlebars off drops was cause for concern at times.  Not so for the Recon Silver!!! This thing is SOLID and elevates the ride from good to GREAT!  Rocky trail sections are devoured with ease and downhills are fun again. The Recon with its stiff 32mm uppers never feels like it’s flexing…ever…not even a little.

This is a great fork especially considering the price. The Recon is a ‘value based’ product and I think it represents a very solid, dependable design with good adjustability and provides great ride quality. I look forward to riding this fork for a long time!

Contact the awesome staff at Worldwide Cyclery and see how RockShox and Worldwide can help you elevate your ride. You’ll be happy you did.

RockShox Recon Forks

September 09, 2017

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