Customer Review: Rockshox Reverb 1X Remote Upgrade Kit

Ever since Rockshox introduced the updated 1x specific Reverb remote lever, they have been a huge success. With the Reverb 1x Remote Upgrade Kit, you can replace your old push button style remote with one specifically designed around the ergonomics and fitment of a 1x drivetrain. Here in this review, one of our customers takes us through installing and riding with his new Reverb 1x remote lever.

Rockshox Reverb Lever Review

I had been running the original “plunger” style remote on my Reverb Stealth for the past few years without any problems. However, when the new 1x Reverb Remote was released I decided it was time to ditch the ugly button. I love the idea of a clean 1x cockpit and was tired of the clunky look and awkward feel of the original design.

Because I wanted a super clean install, I also purchased the Mismatch 1.2 adapter to seamlessly marry the Rockshox 1x remote to my iSpec-II Shimano XT brake levers. I can’t even begin to describe how perfect the entire setup looks and feels. The remote’s lever position on the bars couldn’t be more ergonomic and the Mismatch 1.2 adapter allows for a good range of position adjustments.

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First off, the installation process for the 1x remote was very simple. I unthreaded my old remote from the hydraulic hose, trimmed off a couple of millimeters to clean it up, spun on the new 1x remote, and bolted it to the Mismatch 1.2 adapter. I then followed the bleed procedure using the included bleed adapter and within minutes my dropper was snapping up to full extension. On the trail, the lever-feel and responsive performance of the 1x remote is just amazing. I have always run my dropper at the highest speed for quick adjustments in varied terrain and with the new remote, there is virtually zero hesitation. Everything is buttery smooth and looks great on the bike. Plus, I couldn’t believe how quickly my brain adjusted to the new setup on the trail. In no time, I forgot all about it and was in full muscle memory mode.

Reverb Dropper Lever

The only issue I ran into with the remote was with the rubber boot that protects the bleed port and speed adjuster screw. It pops loose and ends up flapping around after I hit a few bumps on the trail. No matter how hard I try to seat it into the remote, it refuses to stay attached. The rubber extensions on the underside of the boot are supposed to compress a bit and fit snuggly into the remote’s ports. On mine, the boot has zero holding power and slips open. This obviously defeats the purpose of the boot (which presumably is to protect the remote’s ports from dirt and grime).

Because of this issue I contacted Worldwide Cyclery and Logan immediately responded to my email regarding this problem. He said he had already contacted Sram who would be sending out a replacement boot as soon as possible. It goes without saying (but I’ll say it anyway) that Worldwide Cyclery is the real deal. They are enthusiastic about the products they sell and really stand behind them. It is clear they take pride in ensuring their customers are totally satisfied with their purchases. For that, I plan to remain a loyal customer for as long as I have my issues with bicycle addiction.

Thanks again guys and keep up the amazing work.

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February 05, 2018

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