Customer Review: Renthal Fatbar Carbon Handlebars

Here in this review, one of our customers is riding his brand new Renthal Fatbar Carbon Handlebars. Renthal is one of those brands that has a premium lineup of different handlebar options designed for maximum performance out on the trail. Read more to learn more about these handlebars.

Renthal Fatbar Carbon

A few traits make the Renthal Fatbar Carbon handlebar a great all-around and versatile bar in my opinion, preferable to other carbon mountain bars currently on the market at this weight and price point. First is the width. It seems the 780mm stock width fits me and my enduro bike well, and bridges the gap between the widths of bars for cross-country or trail riding (740-760mm) and those for downhill (800mm+). Secondly, I like that the Renthal Fatbar Carbon handlebar is “straighter” than other mountain bars, having only 7 degrees of backsweep versus what seems to be the more common 9 degrees of backsweep. Thirdly, the Renthal Fatbar Carbon is offered in four rises, from 10mm to 40mm in 10mm increments, to fit a number of bikes, preferences, and riding styles.

Also, the recognition and trust I have in Renthal’s motocross heritage and product engineering give me the oftentimes-necessary extra bit of confidence and psychological advantage out on the trail. Having years of motocross roots literally and figuratively in my hands makes a difference.

Renthal Carbon Fatbar

November 01, 2017

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