Customer Review: Wolf Tooth ReMote Dropper Lever With SRAM Matchmaker

In this review, one of our customers gives us a look at their new Wolf Tooth Components ReMote dropper post lever. This Sram MatchMaker compatible version bolts right on to the match maker and keeps things nice and clean on the handlebar. Read more to see how the Wolf Tooth ReMote shapes up!

Wolf Tooth Remote Dropper Lever

Wolf Tooth ReMote Dropper Lever With SRAM Matchmaker Review

I recently made the wise and ergonomically friendly choice of ditching the cumbersome dropper lever off of my tried and true reliable beyond all belief dropper post (won't mention the brand, but they make great stems too). I replaced it with an aftermarket Wolf Tooth ReMote and can say it is well worth the 60 plus scoots I had to dish out. What makes it so worth while?

1. Paddle is grooved with a grip tape type of imprint (so it doesn't slip)
2. Action is smooth and simple throughout the lever stroke.
3. It's easy to adjust the post to any number of positions (not just all the way up or down)
4. Install was a piece of cake. No issues at all with cable fray or frustration of stripping the set screw

The lever performs flawlessly on the trail. It has been through mud, rain, and dry loamy dirt and it's even been through several bails without any signs of malfunction or damage to the lever. I've not had to adjust the cable tension, however if needed it's done with simple barrel adjuster. The integration of the matchmaker makes it much more secure and less likely to strip out the clamp bolt. It's always in the same position and the matchmaker junction makes customization of reach very user friendly.

I've been so happy with the Wolf Tooth ReMote I'm thinking of replacing the dropper lever on my other bike made by a company with a name that rimes with socks. Do yourself a favor and get one.

Wolf Tooth Remote Dropper Lever

November 02, 2017

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