Customer Review: Raceface SIXc 35mm Carbon Handlebars

This review was written by one of our many Raceface customers. Raceface products are becoming more and more popular for our customers looking for a premium product with plenty of stylish and performance features. Let's see what he has to say about the new 35mm clamp diameter Raceface SIXc handlebars


I purchased these bars to go on my Specialized 6fattie. I've wanted a set of carbon bars for a long time and was hesitant on pulling the trigger. So I took the plunge and well....let's just say completely changed my riding experience. I got the 800mm x 20mm rise Yeti Turquoise set. Strong, light, and very stiff with an awesome colorway as well. Great setup with some Deity grips and RaceFace Turbine R Stem. The 35mm adds an extra level of performance and confidence and the width of the bars is perfect for all types of riding. I am an east coast guy and many of the trail systems here are rocky with tight winding turns. However, I actually prefer the wider bars for that type of terrain. It challenges you to be more active and responsive. The carbon sucks up rocks and ruts like nobodys' business.

Customer Review: Raceface SIXc 35 Riser Carbon Handlebar - Worldwide Cyclery

Customer Review: Raceface SIXc 35 Riser Carbon Handlebar - Worldwide Cyclery
The RaceFace SixC bar is a great handlebar that has excellent dampening abilities when riding rough trails in mid-atlantic region. The length may seem excessive, but give it a chance before you decide to trim it down. I went from a pair of Deity Blacklabels at 787mm and the extra 13mm is very noticeable.The extra leverage and stability are a plus especially on technical downhill trails. After a few rides out, I've already noticed the benefits of the wide cockpit. The sweep angles are perfect and very comfortable for a variety of riding situations. These bars have turned my 6fattie into a very versatile trail machine. With so many brands crashing the market right now it's sometimes difficult to narrow it down. I have settled on Raceface components (i.e pedals,bars,stem) and have been very impressed.

The guys at Worldwide are very unique. Unique in that they share rider knowledge and experience and give sound advice. Very rare do you come across a company that cares so much about their customer base. There is value in that. Great people, great products. It's just that simple!!! Thanks guys for making my riding more enjoyable!!

Customer Review: Raceface SIXc 35 Riser Carbon Handlebar - Worldwide Cyclery

April 19, 2017

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